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RUSH: Here is John in Virginia Beach, Virginia. You’re next, sir, on the program.

CALLER: Yes, sir. I just want to talk about, have you noticed how breathless the media has been in trying to report all these anti-Bush protests every time he goes to another country?

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: Like it’s something new? There should be anti-American protests, but it’s something new because it’s President Bush, when it’s been going on for 40-something years? It’s the favorite sport of the left all around the world.

RUSH: Yeah, but that doesn’t matter. It fits the template that they have. They find all these Brazilian kids wearing Bush = Hitler T-shirts and things like that. It doesn’t matter to Bush, and it doesn’t matter to the president of Brazil. He just stood up there and said, “America is our number one trading partner,” and this is just the left being the left. They’re miserable and unhappy. They hate themselves. They hate the world, and it’s another classic example of that. You’re right. They’ve been protesting America all of these years, but why hate George Bush? What in the world has Bush done to Brazil? Brazil, I don’t think, even has a contingent in Iraq. This is purely media manufactured and leftist manufactured. When you start talking about why these people have such a personal hatred and disgust for somebody they don’t even know and have never even met, who is not doing anything to them, you have to start digging deeper in their own psyche to try to find the answer. These people are not normal. They’re an order of French fries short of a full Happy Meal out there on the left, and it’s a sight to behold. I don’t feel sorry for them. I’m wary of them. But I think they’re nuts. I think they’re insane and loco. There has gotta be so much more to do in Brazil today than run around and make a fool of yourself. It could also be the fact that everybody wants to be part of the story. The cameras are out there, as in the Princess Di funeral.

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