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RUSH: Just checking the e-mail.

“Rush! Rush! Rush! When are you going to start talking about Newt Gingrich? When are you going to start talking about Newt Gingrich?”

What do they mean, Newt’s announcement that he had an affair? Folks, I hate to tell you, it’s not news. Now, I know what Newt’s doing with this. Newt’s taking ownership of it and he’s getting it out there early, before any of the opponents if he decides to get in the race, if any of the opponents bring it up. But it’s not news. Everybody’s known that this happened.

What’s interesting about it to me is he admitted it in an interview with James Dobson of Focus on the Family. He admitted, “I failed to meet my own expectations. I failed to meet the expectations of God, the standards of God,” and so forth. I don’t know. It piques my interest in the fact he may be considering running. Get it out there now.

Why bring this up? Nobody else has brought it up. It’s old news. Everybody knew this. I saw it yesterday. I said, ‘Whoop-de-do. It’s out there.’ It’s time for Clinton to announce another affair he had that we don’t know about, or maybe admit again that he had sex with Ms. Lewinsky. You know, keep the ball on a level playing field.

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