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RUSH: Maryville, Tennessee, this is Diana. Thank you for waiting. Welcome to the show.
CALLER: Thank you. The other caller, the male caller said that you enjoyed talking to women, but I don’t think you’re going to enjoy my call. I just think that you’re a…butt. I have listened to you for a long time, and I agreed with you, and I’ve tried my best to like you. I am not a leftist. I am a thinking human being. And I am feminine, not feminist, but the woman that called, Barbara? You were awful to her. I don’t think… Usually I’m pretty perceptive, and she did not sound like a liberal.
RUSH: Why did that call stand out to you as me being a “butt?”
CALLER: Just the way you talked to her.
RUSH: You know why it stood out? It’s because I’m not a “butt.”
CALLER: Well, I could have said “a–h—.”
RUSH: No, I don’t have to bleep that. She said a–h—, folks. She called me one of those. The caller said it, not me. We’re repeating. You can say whatever you want, “butt” or whatever. It doesn’t matter. The point is I’m not that, so when you thought I was — and you listen regularly — it stands out, so you have to call in and make a point. That’s why it stood out to you. The woman frustrated me.
CALLER: Well, she was trying to defend our country, it seemed to me. Now, I may be wrong, but… Yu know, I can’t name them, but companies have taken their business elsewhere, and have left a lot of people without jobs, and she wasn’t even talking about oil. I agree with you about oil. We’ve got oil right here that we need to use, but because of the stupid environmentalist wackos, you know we can’t use it.
RUSH: But she was out there blaming Halliburton, and she wants the government to force Halliburton to stay in the country. Don?t you understand the import of that statement? The woman is a walking, talking receptacle for propaganda offered by the left. Sometimes it takes shock therapy to get through to people. I was trying to help her.
CALLER: Well, maybe. Like I said, I can usually tell when callers call, and I can usually tell when they’re seminar callers and when they’re total leftists, but she didn’t seem like that to me. She seemed like she trying to stand up for our country, and you just slapped her in the face.
RUSH: I did not!
CALLER: Yes, you did.
RUSH: No, I didn’t slap her in the face.

CALLER: Yes, you did.
RUSH: Not even euphemistically, not even metaphorically, not even in a pretend way did I do that. I’m telling you, she might have been standing up for the country, but you’re really putting me on the spot here because she was ignorant about it. You know, it’s difficult here. Somebody can call and tell me the Earth is flat. Am I supposed to sit here and ask ’em why they think it?
CALLER: Well, of course not.
RUSH: Look, I understand why you feel this way because I so rarely react that way. But the woman wasn’t interested in the conversation, either. It was rat-tat-tat.
CALLER: Well, that’s true.
RUSH: I did my best to try to persuade her that she just needs to open her mind. I thought I was very nice, in fact. After her call, I said, “Look, some of you people, you can think. It’s hard, but open your mind, become skeptical about certain things.”
CALLER: Well, it just seemed like, to me, she was thinking. But she did have her own agenda, that’s true. Now that I talk to you, in talking to you about it, she probably did.
RUSH: I’ll tell you something else I thought, and I could be wrong about this. But I thought the way she was talking to me and the things that she was saying, that she was a lib, and she wasn’t honest about that when she told the call screener — or me — when she said that she was not a lib, or she was a conservative or whenever. It didn’t sound like a conservative to me.
CALLER: How did you know she was a lib? Because like I said, usually I could tell that and I could not tell that from her.
RUSH: Because of her attitude that the government is the end all, beginning and everything in life, that the government has to stop Halliburton from moving. She is for some omnipresent force or power to start exacting penalties and punishment on people just because she thinks it should. Anybody that I hear who has that view of government and the state is not a conservative, at least not an informed one.
CALLER: Well, I could be wrong. I just wanted to vent.
RUSH: Well, it’s not a question of right or wrong. Your perception is your perception, and oftentimes perceptions are reality. I’m just glad that you called so that we could talk about this.
CALLER: Well, I’m glad to finally get on the air. I’ve tried five times and have been rejected all the times.
RUSH: Wait a minute! Call screeners have told you that you were not suitable?
CALLER: No, they just didn’t put me on the air. I would state what I wanted to comment on and they’d reject me.
RUSH: Do you remember one of the things you wanted to comment on that they said no?
CALLER: Yeah. I think the last time I called, you had a story on that day about women, that they eat more when they eat out.
RUSH: Yeah?
CALLER: I wanted to say that we probably do.
RUSH: Well, that is an outrage! You should have been permitted on this program because you’re an expert.

RUSH: This is Bob in Harrogate, Tennessee? Is that how you pronounce it?

CALLER: Yeah, it’s Harrogate, Rush.

RUSH: Nice to have you with us, sir.

CALLER: Hey, thanks a lot. Mega dittos, Rush. I tell you, I’ve been waiting since ’91 to talk to you. I listened on WBAP in Dallas until we finally ended up out here in Tennessee, but I still get you, and it’s great to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Those last two ladies that called, I tell you, I was screaming so loud at the radio. That last comment that lady made, she said that usually she can tell a liberal by listening to her but she had a hard time with Barbara, and I just died laughing. Barbara, the comment she was making were just ridiculous. Rush, what gets me is these uneducated liberals who refuse to listen to common sense — and to me, conservatism is common sense. These are the people who keep Kennedy and Murtha and Clinton and Schumer in office and it scares me to death. They’re uneducated, and they vote! That’s the biggest problem I have, and I do not know how to deal with it.

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: You know, it drives me nuts!

RUSH: “They’re uneducated and they vote.” It is a problem, no question. Well, as host of this program and a broadcast veteran of now 35 years — ah, I could actually say 40 years — I have detected how to spot these people. As I say, I know ’em like every square inch of my glorious naked body. They talk in circles and they don’t want to have conversation. They just rat-tat-tat, say what they want to say, and when you try and engage them in conversation, they interrupt you. I used to have conversations here with them. Unlike the libs, who are now going to boycott this Fox debate and cancel it, I’m not afraid to tell anybody who disagrees with me what I think and why. They are afraid. They just want to come and speechify and propagandize. But when there’s no information, there’s no knowledge behind the comments and it’s just a bunch of gut reaction “feelings” based on being a receptacle for propaganda. It gets frustrating and I did get frustrated, there’s no question. Anyway, Bob, I appreciate that phone call.

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