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RUSH: Back to the phones we go. People patiently waiting, and we go to Hagerstown, Maryland. This is Jeannie. Nice to have you, Jeannie, welcome.

CALLER: Hi. How you doing? It’s an honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Great.

CALLER: Yeah, I was listening to Chris (garbled) on Friday evening on WBAL in Washington, DC. He was at that awards banquet, and he said that when Roger Ailes got up to speak, that about 50 people got up and walked out, one being Ted Kennedy, and this is before he started talking. Ted Kennedy said, “I’ve heard enough already.”

RUSH: Well, I’m just telling you. It’s two Americas out there.


RUSH: Jeannie, it is really two Americas. This is not by any means unprecedented. Democrats walk out on everything where there are conservatives involved. People, I think, probably react a little strangely if I use the word ‘Stalinist,’ because it is a rather harsh word. It’s like calling a communist a communist. You’re not supposed to do that because nobody wants to think there are communists among us. This was a line back in the eighties. They said, ‘Don’t call ’em a communist. There are other ways to persuade people.’ Stalinist is a great way to describe what they are. They’re just intolerant. There’s only one point of view. Anything else has got to be suppressed. In the true Stalinist days, anything that was opposed to the state could land you in prison. Ask Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. We haven’t reached that point yet in this country, but it is clear they are not interested. We hear all this talk there’s rampant partisanship. We must do what we can to promote civility and get along. How can you do that when the left walks out of everything? How can you do that when the left doesn’t even have the confidence of its own ideas to sit and listen to opposing ones?

Ailes, by the way — I read the transcript of his speech — didn’t rip Democrats. It was actually a very patriotic speech about the First Amendment, very supportive of journalists and talked about the need for there to be diversity among journalists and so forth. It was a stand-up defense of journalism, and 50 journalists walk out of there from AP and Reuters! Make no mistake here, folks, this is not about trying to get along. This is not about building bridges anywhere. This is not about trying to bridge the partisan divide. There’s no desire. I’m just telling you: if these people win in 2008 with the White House, and they hold the House of Representatives, you’re going to see one of the most blatant leftist power grabs the country has witnessed. This is not the Democratic Party of the sixties. It’s not even the Democratic Party of the seventies. The sixties Democrats’ war protesters are now running the show. When I’m talking about Democrat Party of the sixties, I’m talking about elected officials like Hubert Humphrey and LBJ and that crowd. Go Back and look at Hubert Humphrey speeches today on the family and you think you’re listening to James Dobson or Jerry Falwell. We played those bites many, many, many, many moons ago. People were shocked and stunned.

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