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RUSH: Here’s the Breck Girl, John Edwards, singing ‘I Am Woman,’ the vocal portrayal by Paul Shanklin.

(Playing of ‘I Am Woman’ parody song.)

RUSH: That’s the Breck Girl, John Edwards, ‘the first female president,’ should he win the White House in ’08. The vocal portrayal there is by Paul Shanklin, who, by the way, has a website, Paul Shanklin.com. We link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. You can hear many of his parodies that we have used in the past on this program. Mrs. Bill Clinton basically said that she is JFK. She held a fund-raiser with New Hampshire Democrats, the 100 Club. Here is a portion of her opening remarks.

MRS. BILL CLINTON: I hope the press was listening to “divinely attractive.” Next time somebody says, you know, “I wasn’t crazy about her hair,” or “what on earth did she think when she put that outfit on?” I’m going to say, “Well, all I know is in New Hampshire they think I’m ‘divinely attractive.’”

RUSH: Well, at least she didn’t do a Northeastern accent there in New Hampshire. Everybody is still talking, by the way, about her attempted black combo southern dialect down in Selma last Sunday, two Sundays ago. After she jokes around about being divinely attractive, this is the bite in which she compares herself to the divinely attractive JFK.

MRS. BILL CLINTON: There are some who say America isn’t ready for a woman to be elected president.

RUSH: What about John Edwards?

MRS. BILL CLINTON: Well, that may sound familiar. People in New Hampshire came together to offer their support for a presidential candidate who came from just South of here. He was smart, he was dynamic, and he was Catholic — and a lot of people back then said, ‘America will never elect a Catholic as president.’ But those who gathered here knew better. They believed America was bigger than that and that Americans would give Senator John F. Kennedy a fair shake, and the rest, as they say, is history.

RUSH: And there you have it: Mrs. Bill Clinton comparing herself to JFK in New Hampshire. There’s an interesting story in the San Francisco Chronicle. It ran yesterday. The headline: “Women No Sure Bet for Clinton.” The subheadline is: “Despite her appeals for sisterhood, female loyalty split.” Let me summarize this article for you. As a group, according to this article, women may not support Hillary just because she’s a woman — and some Democrat women are even supporting John Edwards over Hillary, like Kate Michelman, because he would be a more legitimate ‘first female president’ than she would, according to Kate Michelman formerly of NARAL. Now, I think it’s an insulting Drive-By assumption that women are politically so simple and that their gender will play the dominant role in determining which candidate they’ll support for president. I was at a dinner party last night, and for a while I thought I was back in Connecticut. There was all this doom and gloom and paranoia, “What about Hillary? What about Hillary!” None of the women there want the slightest thing to do with Mrs. Clinton, not a thing. Yet there is the presumption by the Drive-Bys that she’s automatically going to get the women’s vote because women, of course, stick together, and they understand that a woman ‘can better represent a woman’ than any man can, blah, blah, blah.

You know, the job of president is too important to be subjected to the race and gender minutiae that often overtake more important political discussions. For a long time it seemed that Mrs. Bill Clinton had played down her gender. I think one of the reasons was that we were at war, and being a woman might be seen as being too soft for the job, but now all of a sudden she’s playing up her divine attractiveness and her outfits and what she wears — i.e., pantsuits. If you know Clinton, Inc. like I know Clinton Inc., they don’t do anything without focus groups and polls. So what this obviously means is that her polls are indicating that it’s a matter of necessity to go out there and be a girl because they’re having trouble attracting women. It doesn’t surprise me. Gosh, I’m going to get myself in so much trouble here, but the idea that women are going to automatically support another woman? Whoever said this does not know women and does not understand even the basics. I am no expert, and I will be the first to say so. Don’t misunderstand me here.

Men just don’t see it. They’re too busy watching one woman to see what all the other women are seeing when they look at the one women they’re looking at. You can see it. You walk down the street and all the guys are looking at some shapely thing strutting down the street. All the other women are looking at her, too — with daggers in their eyes. But the men never see it because they’re watching the woman. I’m telling you, folks, it’s the Queen Bee Syndrome and jealousy, all these things out there. You don’t think Nancy Pelosi would love for Hillary to be taken down a peg or two? Those two are in a battle for who’s going to run Washington. If Mrs. Bill Clinton becomes president, then Pelosi’s chopped liver. Anyway, the notion that there would be blanket, automatic support based on gender has always been ridiculous to me. I think if you look at Mrs. Bill Clinton, she sees that she’s losing black support to Barack Obama, big-time. You have Al Sharpton out there now trying to back stab Obama. He’s jealous because Obama’s getting all this attention. Sharpton is out there telling all his buddies that Obama is not down with the struggle. Obama doesn’t know anything with the community. Obama hasn’t been into community. He can go down to Selma and say ‘befo”, but he doesn’t know the community, and Reverend Al owns the community.

They’ll probably become allies here in trying to take Barry out. So she has to redefine herself as an exciting ‘first’ to counter the greater sense of electricity that’s around Barry. In fact, I’ve got a story in the stack here about this speech that we just played these sound bites from up in New Hampshire. The story I have says the electricity in the room for Mrs. Bill Clinton was nothing compared to what it was when Barack Obama was here some weeks ago. Not even close. It wasn’t even close. It was sort of a dull, polite group. But when Obama was there, it was like rock star status. Rock star status does not greet Mrs. Bill Clinton when she shows up anywhere. More and more people are able to figure out that she’s just a candidate of inevitability, a candidate of entitlement. More people are starting to ask themselves, and I’m going to ask you, ‘What in the world is it that qualifies her? What is it that recommends her to become president? What has she done?’

This is not a gender based comment.

I’m looking at a human being in the political process. What has she done that would force or cause people to say, “We want Mrs. Bill Clinton”? Nothing. She’s being forced on them almost as though she’s entitled for all the dirt she had to swallow while picking up after her husband, Mr. Bill Clinton, on his road to the White House. Now it’s just simply her turn. She’s owed this because she gave up a feminist great life of individuality in her own career, subordinated herself to him. She had to become the breadwinner, had to tolerate all the philandering and all the other things that went on, not just in Arkansas — it’s bad enough she had to go there — but she had to put up with that stuff in Washington, DC, maintain a stiff upper lip and so forth. Her candidacy is just one of inevitability — and speaking of feminism, there aren’t a whole lot of women who think that she did honorable things by continuing to eat all that dirt. ‘Where was your self-respect, Mrs. Clinton?’ Well, they understand. She stayed with the dog in order to get to the doghouse.

The plan always was hitch her wagon to Slick Willie, and then when he got where he was going, take over. That’s why she ate all the dirt, so she’d have an entitlement to it. Anyway, because of this focus group data, because Barack Obama is really genuinely exciting people, Hillary is falling back now on the gender card. She’s first, and she’s the modern day equivalent of JFK. The dirty little reality is that the Breck Girl has half of Hillary’s women. Barack Obama is making in-roads into Hillary’s African-American vote. It’s not looking good out there. We will link to this article. It’s by Carla Marinucci, so you can read the entire thing.

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