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RUSH: This is Patrick in Tampa, Florida. Patrick, welcome to the program.
CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Mega airport screener dittos!
RUSH: Thank you, sir. Yes.
CALLER: I’ve been listening to you since the days of the gurgling cod, so I’m a very longtime listener. I’ll get right to it. I’m an airport screener. I hope I’m not going to get fired for talking about this. The bill that’s before the Senate now about giving us collective bargaining, they’re twisting this bill to make it out like we’re getting collective bargaining, and the bill actually just takes away dictatorial powers given to the TSA administrator. He has more power than any federal bureaucrat in the entire country.
RUSH: Why do you want to unionize?
CALLER: Oh, my goodness.
RUSH: What reason do you want to unionize for?
CALLER: I don’t want to unionize. I want to be a Title V federal employee. That’s what the law does.
RUSH: But you’re going to end up being a member of a union. This is Democrat Party payback to them. You understand that you are going to be a member of a union?
CALLER: Absolutely. Like I said, I’m a hard-core Republican.
RUSH: What are you upset about?
CALLER: Oh, my God!
RUSH: I thought you were upset because —
CALLER: They’re saying that this bill is about giving it to the union. It’s not. It’s about taking away the power from Kip Hawley. He can fire us at will.
RUSH: Well, okay. It may be about that, but this is politics. This is playing politics with national security. Look, you’re going to become a member of a union. You’re going to be able to go on strike. Bin Laden’s going to know when you’re on strike. Bammo! Another couple of explosions.
Happy, happy days, AFL-CIO.

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