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RUSH: Democrats are still peeved about Halliburton moving over to Dubai. They think it’s about escaping taxes. Here’s Henry Waxman.

WAXMAN: We’re looking very carefully at this move and what it may mean for national security for American taxpayers. I’ve asked my investigative staff to find out the answers to these questions —

RUSH: Stop. You’ve been trying to bury this company. You and your party have been trying to destroy this company, and now you equate that with national security because they’re over there in Dubai? A little bit of Sheila Jackson Lee. Halliburton is in her district.

LEE: Unfortunately, their office is located in the 18th Congressional District. It is unfortunate that the arrogance of this company would suggest that they could make announcements in the brightness of sunlight on Sunday, and not engage their local community leaders, their employees, and others who might be vested in the relocation of corporate headquarters.

RUSH: You know, you people —

LEE: So I ask the —

RUSH: Stop the tape! You people are the biggest damn hypocrites. You’ve tried to destroy this company. You’ve accused them of ‘war profiteering,’ trying to get over there to get the oil with Bush and his buddies. You’ve accused them of undermining America. Now they’re leaving your little district out there (crying), ‘What about the employees?’ You should have thought about that when you started berating them all to hell and making them act like they were an enemy of the country!

These people are just absolutely stupid. I can’t stand the hypocrisy and the irony of these people.

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