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RUSH: Do you remember there was a story in the New York Times, a huge puff piece about Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin and George Miller and Bill Delahunt? They share an apartment in Washington. It was the biggest puff piece that you can imagine. We never get such a puff piece on Republicans. Jake Tapper, following up on this newspaper story, visited their apartment, and here’s a portion of his report.

SCHUMER: Hi. Welcome to our humble abode.

TAPPER: Most Americans might be surprised to learn that four of the most powerful men in the US Congress live here, in this dilapidated, dingy Democratic dump. Not surprisingly, they have rats.

DURBIN: I did.

TAPPER: How did you kill it?

DURBIN: With a putter.

TAPPER: With a putter?

MILLER: One of Marty Russo’s.

DURBIN: I’m not a good golfer, so I had to three-putt.

RUSH: They’re laughing at killing an animal. They killed a rat in their own apartment. Remember, I killed a mouse with a can of Pam. That didn’t kill the mouse, but it prevented the mouse from escaping my plastic trash can. This was out in Sacramento. I shook that trash can, and that mouse died. It was a brand-new house. I’m not going to have a mouse get out of there. It was a cute little thing, too. I hated to do it. Anyway, there was a companion story here: a guy in New York faced a six-month jail term for killing a rat in his garden. I’ll have details when we come back. Stay with us.


RUSH: So Dick Durbin, in the audio sound bite we played just before the conclusion of the previous hour, admits to killing a mouse or a rat in his apartment with a putter, and ABC is giving him all kinds of puff piece treatment here. This is a television report after a big puff piece in the New York Times. I saw that story some weeks ago, and I just tell you there would never be one of those stories about Republicans. If there was a story about four Republican guys living together, I guarantee-damn-tee you the story would have gay overtones. But, of course, no such thing with the libs.

Now, here’s the story about the poor old guy from New York. This is a 1994 story from August in the New York Times. ‘With an estimated three rats for every person in New York City, you might think that when Frank Balun fatally clobbered one with a broomstick, he’d be hailed as having struck a blow for hygiene. But by the time,’ he was 69 years old, a World War II vet, ‘he caught the rat raiding his tomato patch in the suburb of Hillside, New Jersey, he was charged with needlessly abusing a defenseless creature, told that he could be sent to prison for six months and fined up to 1,250 bucks. Public outrage ensued, many people pointing out that killing rats is a matter of necessity, given their huge numbers in some metropolitan areas.’ Anyway, the charges were dropped and Mr. Balun has since passed away. But People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on the case along with local law enforcement authorities.

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