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RUSH: Let’s go to the phones. Barry in Denham, Massachusetts. Hi, Barry. Thanks for waiting, sir.
CALLER: Yeah, Rush, you know, on Fred Thompson? The times I’ve read about him considering his run in the liberal press or even like AOL News Online, they always have the headline captioned: “TV actor seeking possible nomination,” and they don’t mention the fact that he was a United States senator and a lawyer during the Watergate period and that kind of thing. They try to minimize it with TV actor. They don’t mention he was a senator.
RUSH: Some of them are, but they are hyping he’s an actor.
CALLER: Yeah, but it’s meant to denigrate him.
RUSH: Yes. Yes, I know. Does that bother you? Would it bother you that Fred Thompson is an actor in addition to everything else that he is?
CALLER: No, not at all, but they don’t mention that he was a US Senator.
RUSH: Well, yes, they do. Of course they’re going to hammer the guy. AOL may as well be as far left as you can get. Of course they’re going to try to destroy any conservative, it’s Time Warner! Hell, the other day when we had this problem with Fox News debate being canceled by the Nevada Democrats over the supposed joke Ailes told, you sign on to AOL and there’s Ailes made to look like some sort of buffoon, and they’re ripping into Ailes for his “insensitivity” and the joke about Obama. The dumb… (I almost had to bleep myself.) It was a joke about Bush! It was not a joke about Obama. Now, I understand your fear. You turn on AOL, and you know how many people are using AOL. I agree with you that they’re creating a bunch of just mind-numbed robot sponges, skulls full of mush that are adults. They get up and read this stuff. But believe me, the people that count know that Fred Thompson is a senator.

As far as being an actor? Fine and dandy. That means he understands television, understands how to use it. Ronald Reagan, Ronaldus Magnus, was an actor as well. Let the Dems denigrate it all they want. You know, these people are not the paragons of virtue out there. They’re a bunch of dullards. If it weren’t for their varicose veins these people would be totally colorless. Hillary Clinton? Give me a break! Let me ask you a question. If her last name weren’t “Clinton,” would anybody have ever noticed her? No! I’ve asked you people constantly: What is it that recommends Hillary Clinton to be president? What has she done to put herself in the sweepstakes? Zip, near, nada, that succeeded. She is a roaring, big-time, glaring failure. If her name weren’t Clinton, you wouldn’t have heard about her and you wouldn’t know who she was. She’d still be wearing those big Coke bottle glasses and Birkenstocks, wandering around the campus of Wellesley. You wouldn’t know who she is if her name weren’t Clinton. She has a sense of entitlement, a sense of it’s her turn. That’s why she’s there. It’s the same thing with all these other candidates.
Barack Obama? What’s he done? He looks good. “Clean and articulate for a black guy,” said Joe Biden. Well, that stands out, I guess, huh? What else we got? Who else in this race? Those are the two biggies. Who else is out there on Democrat side? Biden. Yeah, Mr. Hair Care for Men, the Chia Pet. Where is this notion that every one of these damn Democrats is a paragon of something — virtue, competence, or what have you? So Fred Thompson comes along, AOL and MacNeil Lehrer want to make him out to be just an actor. Rudy Giuliani, whatever his kids say about him, he’s a rotten family guy, horrible, blah, blah, too tough. Leave McCain aside. McCain, Rudy, Fred Thompson, who is the other guy? Brownback. It doesn’t matter. They’re all portrayed as a bunch of kooks. Romney? They say he has polygamy all over his family, and he’s the only guy that’s only been married once in the whole campaign!
They’re making jokes about his hair. They don’t talk about the Breck Girl in that way. It’s left to us. Edwards? What an empty suit! The guy gets where he is because he was a tort trial lawyer. He wows a jury that probably believes Algore’s movie. He wows a jury by channeling the thoughts of a girl who has died, and the jury melts and awards the clients like $60 million and ergo Edwards now has a 28,000-square-foot house somewhere in an island in North Carolina near Wilmington, and of course all of this is lauded as great, great work. How many years we been talking here about the standard process by which every conservative Republican is denigrated? Every liberal is what they are, and then Algore’s stupid ass movie comes along. Yeah, it’s too many kids running their parents’ house. That’s what’s happened here.

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