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RUSH: Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut! The Breck Girl is upset over the attention being paid to his two homes, and he’s going ‘carbon neutral’ as well. We have a little update here.

(Playing of ‘I am Woman’ parody song.)

RUSH: The Breck Girl, John Edwards, singing ‘I am Woman,’ as portrayed vocally by Paul Shanklin. USA Today: ‘Can Edwards Win With An Us vs. Them Pitch?’ Basically it’s populism, and his ‘challenge,’ it says here, is to convince voters in primaries and cauci that he is a ‘populist who would put their interests above those of big corporations and big government.’ The problem is that a Drake University political science professor points out that this populist message hasn’t worked since Jimmy Carter tried it in 1976. It basically hasn’t worked in 30 years. The Breck Girl is also exasperated by the focus on his house. Says, ‘Look, I’ve lived in every size house there is, including two room houses. It’s what’s inside a house that counts, not what’s on the outside.” The Breck Girl is getting sensitive to this. The Breck Girl is also going ‘carbon neutral.’ He’s pledged to run a carbon neutral campaign that would offset any contributions that he makes to global warming. He often travels in a private jet and so forth, so he’s going the carbon route, the offset. We have details on that. Hey, Breck Girl, why don’t you try using gel instead of hair spray. That might help as well!


RUSH: A couple more audio sound bites here from the Breck Girl, ladies and gentlemen. He was on CNN’s Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer, and Wolf said, “The Democrat Party, the state of Nevada was going to host the debate together with the Fox News Channel, but you pulled out. They have subsequently canceled the whole debate. Why did you decide to pull out, given the fact that over the years you’ve appeared as a guest on Fox many, many times?” EDWARDS: I didn’t see any reason under those circumstances to give Fox a special forum. I think they have a long history in how they deal with Democrats and how they talk about Democrats, and I saw so reason to give them a specialized forum. RUSH: What, are you too afraid to face Brit Hume? You’re afraid to face Chris Wallace? Who are you afraid to face, Breck Girl? I don’t think they realize how much damage they have done to themselves by doing this. What happens if the result of all this is that Republicans only go on Fox and nowhere else and Democrats go on every other network but Fox? They say we’ve never been more divided in America than we are, right? (interruption) How’s he going to talk to terrorists if he won’t talk to Fox? Oh, oh, oh, oh. Well, that’s a good question, too. If you’re afraid of Chris Wallace, if you’re afraid of Brit Hume, how in the world are you gonna talk to our enemies, Breck Girl? Democrats want to give our enemies a bigger forum and more legitimacy than they want to grant to Fox News. Dan Gerstein writing at Politico.com had an interesting observation or two. He said, “Fox provides a powerful platform to influence the views of hundreds of thousands of valuable voters. It just seems self-defeating to pass up an opportunity to reach those viewers, just because the network features some inflammatory talk show hosts who say things of which I don’t approve.” Now, here’s the most interesting paragraph in his piece in the Politico, and this will stun some of you people. It will probably stun the Democrats. (It won’t matter.)

‘It is well understood that Fox’s normal viewers are not typical Democratic voters. But contrary to the caricature drawn by the Netroots, nor are they typically raving right-wingers. In fact, according to a study by Mediamark Research, only 38 percent of Fox News viewers self-identified as conservative. In terms of sheer numbers, that means the non-conservative audience for Fox tops CNN’s total viewership’ Yet they still say that Fox is a bunch of conservatives. This is all smoke and mirrors. Breck Girl, you’re an embarrassment. You can’t even come up with a suitable excuse and make it sell. Another question here from Wolf Blitzer: ‘You want to comment on what Bob Shrum has apparently written in his memoirs about you?’ EDWARDS: Well I haven’t seen what Bob Shrum said. I’ll just speak for myself. There was a lot of pressure on the question of what we should do about the vote on the war in Iraq, but the pressure wasn’t political. The pressure was trying to do what’s right. I’ve said many times, not only was I wrong about the intelligence as were most of the people who voted for the war, but I also was wrong in the judgment to give this president the authority, and no one else is responsible for that. RUSH: Well, now, this is a third version of this we’ve received. Bob Shrum, who in his memoirs said that he took the blame himself for Edwards’ vote on the war, saying he advised Edwards (he was a political consultant) that he’d better do this to pad his presidential résumé. Edwards then said, ‘No, no, no. ‘ The Edwards campaign said (summarized), ‘No, no, no, no, no. We relied on the faulty intelligence. We thought the intelligence was right. ‘ Now what is Edwards saying here? He was wrong in the judgment to give this president the authority. He said the pressure wasn’t political. The pressure was trying to do what’s right, and ‘I’ve said many times that not only was I wrong about the intelligence, but…? So this obviously doesn’t sit well with the Breck Girl, having Bob Shrum (the architect of the John Kerry defeat), say that Edwards was listening to political consultants. I don’t know what the case is here, but I’ll just tell you that in the case of many, many politicians, that’s one of the reasons we don’t have striking leaders out there anymore. We’ve just got a bunch of people led around by the nose by a bunch of consultants who are out there focus-grouping and taking all kinds of polling data and so forth, and it was epitomized by Clinton even polling where he should go on vacation and what he should wear while on vacation.

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