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RUSH: I had a great interview yesterday with Rick Santorum for the next issue of the Limbaugh Letter. He had an interesting point of view. His primary focus now is attempting to educate people on the dangers of Islamofascism. He says, ‘Look, the Europeans have lost their culture, and are in the process of losing it more and more every day.’ We had the story yesterday about the highest French court came out and said that gay marriage is illegal. Now, when you heard me report that, if you did, were you not a little surprised? I mean, if there’s one country on the face of the earth that you would think would embrace this and lead the way, it would be the French, right? Something doesn’t jibe there — until you understand the large population of militant Islamists that live in France. When you put that together with the natural tendency to surrender that the French have, coming up with something to permit gay marriage? Can you imagine the riots that might ensue? They might spread beyond the ghettos outside Paris and into the city proper again.

You look at the UK and a number of Western European democracies, and you’ll find a continued capitulation. There’s not much being done on immigration, and they are slowly losing their cultures. Here is an example, and it could happen here. We’re not nearly as close to it happening here, but it could without the proper vigilance. You’ve all heard of the story of the Three Little Pigs’ battle with the Big, Bad Wolf. Your daughter know about this story, Dawn? Well, that story of the Three Little Pigs battling the Big, Bad Wolf has delighted little crumb crunchers since it was written more than 150 years ago. However, the Daily Mail in the UK says that this story, which highlights “the merits of hard work and practicality has become the latest to fall victim to political correctness. A junior school production of the children’s story has been renamed the Three Little Puppies for fear of offending Muslims. Organisers of a children’s music festival have altered the popular characters and lyrics because of the multi-cultural nature of the youngsters involved and their parents in the audience.

“But yesterday Islamic leaders condemned the politically correct move as misguided and said decisions like this were turning Muslims into ‘misfits’ in society. Children from Honley Church of England Junior School in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, were due to perform in a reworking of the popular tale which features the three little pigs. The youngsters – aged from seven to 11 – were due to perform at Huddersfield Town Hall in June with 250 children from 63 schools singing along. But organisers of the Kirklees Primary Music Festival decided to change the script to be ‘sensitive’ to Muslims at a recent committee meeting. Committee member Gill Goodswen, head teacher of Stile Common Junior School, defending the move. She said: ‘We have to be sensitive if we want to be multi-cultural. It was felt it would be more responsible not to use the three little pigs. We feared that some Muslim children wouldn’t sing along to the words about pigs,’ she said. ‘We didn’t want to take that risk. If changing a few words avoids offence then we will do so.’ She stressed the decision was not prompted by a complaint from any school.”

This is not a unique occurrence. “Other recent rows have involved ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ being changed to ‘Baa Baa rainbow sheep’ and Christmas events called ‘winter’ festivities,” of course. Now, in this case, the Islamofascists say that they didn’t even lodge a complaint about it. So what you have here is abject, total fear. What’s the term for this? This would be the preemptive destruction of your own culture, doing things you don’t even have to do. It’s maddening out there. Hey, we have these same little, PC, spineless, linguini people out there in our country trying to foist upon everybody the same kinds of things.

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