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RUSH: Nick in Detroit. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.
RUSH: You bet.
CALLER: I wanted to start off by saying thank you for being the beacon of truth in some of the dark moments we get from our media. It’s good to have a course correction on a daily basis. So thank you very much.
RUSH: Thank you, sir. You’re more than welcome. I’m happy and honored to do it.
CALLER: Sounds great. Hey, I wanted to…not belabor this point, and I’m not particularly sure about the scientific evidence surrounding this, but when I was in Switzerland at the Jungfrau outlook point there on the Jungfrau Mountain, they have an ice palace there which is a pretty much carved out of a palatial landscape in the ice glacier there. And throughout the tour, you see this sort of a dark line that looks a lot like a line in a tree stump. What the tour guide had explained to us is that was a line that was created by the soot from the factories during the Industrial Age. I was trying to think back. It just occurred to me today that if there was that much emissions at that time — now, granted this was from coal and other type of things — but if there was that much to actually stain the Swiss Alps per se, that’s not too far back to really go and see what maximum carbon emissions has on the effect of our environment here, and it just kind of surprised me that hasn’t been very long ago and doesn’t seem to come up as a fact.
RUSH: What is your point? I don’t get the point.
CALLER: Well, why is this global warming even being debated? It seems that time seems to be a factor. We don’t know how much time it takes.

RUSH: It is being debated because it’s an entirely political issue. It’s a leftist issue that is designed to achieve political means. It is not about science. It’s more religious than it is science, and the reason there’s a debate going on is because there’s a whole lot of people that don’t buy the propaganda that the left is putting out. You can use examples like yours and countless others. One of the things I keep asking myself is, why is it that propaganda like Gore’s movie works? Well, one of the reasons it works is because it’s aimed at kids, and all you have to do is put in some animation of suffering polar bears and you melt their hearts. You know, kids will believe anything. You drag their parents to school and make ’em watch it. But aside from that, why is it that so many adults are not thinking. They just act like sponges and soak all this up! There are countless societal and cultural reasons for it here in the United States, and one of the reasons is we are so affluent and we’re so self-absorbed that we actually are open to all of the guilt that is forced on us. People are willing to accept the blame for it and willing to admit the ‘sin,’ and in the process they want to ‘repent,’ but it’s beyond that.

Anybody with any education about science, geology or biology would be able to debunk these claims with common sense. So it makes me wonder: where is this education and this common sense? For example, your description, your example is one, but we’ve had ice ages throughout the history of this world, and they have come and gone. Now, what is it that caused the ice to roll back? What is it caused ice to melt long before human beings were capable of producing 4% of the world’s CO2? These are natural cycles. You can go back to 1300s. It was so warm in the 1300s that they grew crops and so forth in Scotland and in Greenland. You can’t do that now. It’s much colder now than it was in the 1300s. In the 1300s there was no Industrial Revolution, no activity by man that was making all these pollutants. Why don’t people just go to that? Because everything is personal. It’s sort of like most people’s historical perspective begins with the day of their birth. That’s when history started. Anything beyond that takes effort to learn. So I think in a similar way most people think that the earth is no older than their grandparents, for some odd reason.

That’s a little bit of a flawed analogy and it’s an exaggeration, I understand that, but how in the world can anybody know anything about the past regarding ice ages and the woolly mammoth and these warmups that have taken place? How can anybody know about that and fall for this rhetoric, this propaganda that’s being spewed today? It boils down to this: there are apparently enough human beings in the world who are wandering aimlessly. If they don’t believe in God, they’ll believe in anything. At the same time they have no belief in God and no belief in anything greater than that which exists on earth, they have this vain attachment to themselves, which makes them accept the notion that they are that powerful, that driving around certain cars and burning coal — all of which is natural. Oil, coal, they are organic.

Everybody says we gotta go organic to save the planet. They’re organic. The stuff is here. It was placed here by God. It was placed here for a reason. We’re not misusing it. We’re using it for reasons that are owing to our creativity. We couldn’t have gotten along and be as advanced a civilization as we are without discovering and using those things. Yet it is those discoveries, inventions, and progress that are being blamed for all of this. This is poppycock. Yet so many people are willing to just buy into it. It has to be a lack of confidence and a lack of education combined with an awesome case of vanity.

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