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RUSH: A little bit about the ongoing scandal involving the firing of US attorneys. As you know now, ABC News, in a breathless breaking news update late yesterday afternoon, last night said (panting), “Previously undisclosed e-mails (panting) from Karl Rove (panting) ‘Rove’ (panting) indicate that Rove’s idea was to fire the 93 attorneys starting the second term!” But it didn’t happen. There’s no scandal, but it doesn’t matter: they’re manufacturing one. Have you recalled through any of this that many of the allegations have been that these eight US attorneys were fired because there was interference in the way they were doing their jobs? Various administration officials or senators or congressmen were upset that the way these eight were doing their jobs and got hold of the justice department and whatever, and the Democrats are saying, “This is hurting law enforcement! This is polluting the legal system with politics!” I want to read to you a letter, ladies and gentlemen, written by Chuck Schumer, Senator from New York, on January 22nd, 2004. The letter was to the honorable James Comey, United States Department of Justice. He was the deputy attorney general at the time under Ashcroft.

“Dear Deputy Attorney General Comey: I write to request an update on the investigation into allegations that senior administration officials committed a federal felony by leaking the identity of a covert CIA operative. The investigation has been underway for four months now and we have received no meaningful reports regarding the progress you are making. I realize there are limitations on information that can be disclosed regarding an ongoing criminal investigation, but, as we have discussed, a prosecutor has the responsibility to assure public confidence in criminal investigations, especially those of such a serious nature. In the wake of recent calls by former intelligence operatives for a Congressional investigation, I write to ask that you publicly answer several questions regarding the progress you are making: Has a grand jury been empaneled in this case? Have members of the White House staff signed waivers, permitting journalists to discuss confidential communications? If so, what percent of the White House staff has signed such waivers? Has anyone who has been asked to sign such a waiver refused to do so? Have journalists been interviewed as part of the investigation? Has any journalist who has been released from confidentiality (assuming any has), refused to answer questions regarding previously confidential communications? Were White House staffers ordered as a condition of employment to submit to interviews? Has anyone asked for or been offered immunity? If so, how many individuals fit in each category—“

Here is Schumer interfering with Comey, wondering where the hell the investigation is on this Plame leak — and it’s Chuck Schumer who’s out there making the same charges against the existing eight US attorneys! He’s claiming that they were interfered with; that there were people making political demands, people making pressure and power demands on them. Chuck Schumer conveniently forgets his own harassment of the justice department, demanding practically every detail of their investigation leading up to the appointment of an independent counsel! “What other information can you provide us regarding the progress you are making with this investigation? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Charles Schumer, United States Senator.” This is worse than hypocrisy. Schumer’s out there criticizing Republicans for making inquiries of US attorneys about ongoing investigations. He is saying that it is unconscionable this would happen: You can’t do that! That’s pressuring law enforcement! Chuck Schumer was pressuring James Comey!

Where’s the action I demanded on this Plame leak, is essentially what his letter says.

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