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RUSH: We’re launching a new website design today. Everything that’s been on the website will be there. It’s just, to me, a much more organized presentation. Each day’s content is specifically noted. You’ll see it when we update it for today’s show content, hopefully around six o’clock tonight Eastern Time. It could be later since this is the first day. We’re not putting a Beta out there on you. We’re not putting up something that’s bug laden and hoping your complaints help us work it out. We had hoped to launch this a month ago and we’ve been trying to iron out all the bugs ourselves. One of the last things that held us up and wasn’t discovered ’til Friday night, by me, was that the Disgronificator wasn’t working. No matter what button I punched on the Disgronificator, nothing happened. Well, we can’t have the Disgronificator not work on the website! So we had to spend the weekend rewriting the code for that. (interruption) I’ve just been asked if we can still get parts for the Disgronificator. We have to manufacture our own parts for the Disgronificator and have them in stock and standing by in case we need them.

We’ve redesigned the title graphic, too. It’s much sharper, much, much nicer, and much more modern looking. Underneath that are tabs for the last five shows.

You click on those tabs and you get that show’s content without having to go to the archives page. It’s going to be much easier to navigate.

Everything that is on the website is reflected by the program and will be right there front and center, at the top of the website, easy to find without as much clutter as there has been. We’re looking forward to launching this thing and I just wanted to give you a heads-up. I wanted to assure you we have not launched a Beta out there. You are not testers. I’m sure you’re going to find something that doesn’t work. Half of you find things that do work but don’t work for you, and we work diligently to help you. Well, not half of you, but for example: iTunes was updated to 7.1.1. Every time iTunes updates, I get five or six e-mails, ‘I can’t download the podcasts anymore!’

Yes, you can, and it’s nothing to do with the iPod upgrade.

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