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RUSH: Here now the Reverend Sharpton in a press conference today responding to the three detectives who have been indicted in the Sean Bell shooting. Listen carefully. SHARPTON: As we listen to the announcement of the district attorney, it falls short of what we would want. Clearly in our judgment all five officers should have been shot — should have been charged. (gasps, laughter) Let me be clear. All five officers shot. All five officers shot. We do not endorse their being shot. RUSH: Then why didn’t you say charged the next three times instead of all five officers being shot? The reason two of them weren’t charged is, I think, they were auxiliary cops and they were unarmed. I think the auxiliary cops didn’t have any weapons. Anyway, that’s the Reverend Sharpton with the faux pas, the slip of the tongue. ‘In our judgment, all five officers should have been shot.’ The Reverend Sharpton is still hanging out, when he’s not following this story, outside campaign headquarters of Barack Obama. (Playing of Al Sharpton/Obama spoof.) RUSH: The Reverend Sharpton is still clearly upset.

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