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RUSH: There’s a new video commercial on YouTube that is a remake of the Apple Computer commercial launched in 1984 during the Super Bowl produced by great movie director Ridley Scott (he’s done some good movies) and it just destroys Hillary Clinton. It literally destroys Hillary Clinton. The tagline at the end of the commercial makes it look like that it’s from Barack Obama. He’s out there denying that it’s his handiwork. I have an idea whose idea and handiwork this is. It could be David Geffen. Geffen has the know-how, plus he could handle the legals on something like this. That’s just a wild guess, ladies and gentlemen, but this is a new era.

With all of the campaign commercials that are going to be running on the Internet, television broadcast outlets will still get their money and they’ll still get their complement of political ads, but it’s going to be all over the ballpark on the Internet. It’s a brave new world out there, and it’s only just begun. The whole point of this ad is you have Hillary on a giant screen with whole bunch of drones, a bunch of mind-numbed robots that are filing it. It looks like the movie Soylent Green, just a bunch of people being filed in to be dispatched. They’re just zombies, and they’re listening to Hillary on this giant screen utter one cliché after another about her conversation with Americans. There are two areas of seats. There’s a row right between them in the middle, and this woman looking like an Olympic athlete comes charging down the aisle carrying a sledgehammer, winding up ready to toss it. Finally she tosses it and just obliterates and destroys the screen on which Hillary Clinton is uttering her clichés — and, of course, it’s called ‘1984.’ It has the Big Brother reference in it. This time the woman’s wearing an iPod, by the way. She has her candidate slogan on the T-shirt that she’s wearing.

The tag line for this is, “On January 14th, a Democrat primary will begin, and you’ll see why 2008 won’t be like 1984,’ and there’s an updated Apple logo transformed into an O. The Apple logo used to be an Apple with rainbow colors. This is an O with rainbow colors, and it’s followed with the logo ‘BarackObama.com.’ So here you have Hillary just mouthing inanities, clichés, to a bunch of drones and a woman walks in and just totally destroys it. Somebody’s made a copy of this that goes five minutes. That second version doesn’t look nearly as professionally well done as the first, but it’s still fascinating. I guarantee you at Clinton, Inc., they’re trying to pinpoint who did this, and if they can find out that Obama had anything to do with it — and he’s out there denying it, of course. But this is the thing about the Internet: anybody can put anything up there. Callers to a talk show can, too. Anybody can call a talk show and claim to be anybody they want to be and say whatever they want to say, and how do you really disapprove it?

It’s the responsibility of the host to determine whether or not something is air worthy in that sense, but on the Internet — and this is not a complaint — there is no such filter or guide. I don’t mean to sound like a Drive-By journalist here in worrying about no filter on the Internet. That’s not what I mean. It’s just that anybody can put anything up there, put BarackObama.com at the end of it and make it look like it’s his whether it is or not. I think eventually they’ll find out who did it. This is getting such rave reviews that the ego of whoever did this will not survive long in anonymity. A person is going to want to take credit for it.


RUSH: Michael in Palm Bay, Florida. Michael, it’s nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Thank you very much for having me, Rush. First of all, I would like to say that I will not assuage my white guilt by going for Obama. I’ll do it by going for the Limbaugh-Coulter ticket.

RUSH: (Laughing.) That’s an excellent suggestion, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Well, my point is about this Clinton ad — that might be from Obama or may not from Obama — the commercial that’s going on.

RUSH: Yeah, on YouTube. Yeah?

CALLER: Yeah. If you go to YouTube and look under Futurama, you will find one that’s titled the ‘Mom 1984 rip-off commercial.’ That entire commercial is a rip-off from the show Futurama that plays on Adult Swim every weeknight.

RUSH: Well, yes, but it’s also a direct rip-off of an Apple commercial from 1984.

CALLER: Which explains the transition, because at the end it’s PlanEx and not FedEx, just like it’s Obama and not Apple. It’s totally targeted to the 18-to-24 age range.

RUSH: Are you in that age range?

CALLER: Yes, sir, I am. I’m 24 years old.

RUSH: All right. What is it about the Internet that — I know you don’t have a hard, age-range demo of 18 to 24. What is it about the Internet that makes this particular spot on the Internet targeted at 18-to-24-year olds?

CALLER: It’s not the fact that, necessarily, it’s on the Internet. It’s the fact that it’s getting all the news coverage that it’s getting and the show is total — remember a few weeks back with that Boston thing, the bombs that were supposedly in Boston, and there were all these characters from the Adult Swim show called Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

RUSH: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

CALLER: It’s on at just about the same time block. It’s all targeted to the 18s to 24s and it’s just one of those association things that somebody of my age may make and be like, ‘Hey, well, I’m for Obama.’

RUSH: Well, actually, whoever did this, it’s brilliantly done.

CALLER: Very brilliantly done.

RUSH: It’s very well done, and look, here it is on the Internet, and all of a sudden it’s spread to the mainstream. I’ve seen the news networks today playing excerpts of the video.

CALLER: Yeah, the lady running in and throwing the sledgehammer, hitting Hillary — or Mom — right in the face.

RUSH: Look, if I would have done the ad I would have put some different stuff up about Hillary. I would have had her comments up there about wanting to take Exxon’s profits for example. There are any number of things other than her clichés. One of the things that leads me to believe that a Democrat did this is that they’re going after her clichés and not her substance. If somebody had gone after her substance, like ‘I just want to take Exxon’s profits,’ or any of her other very leftist policy statements —

CALLER: Being for the war and against —

RUSH: Whatever. You can say, ‘Well, maybe a Republican organization did this,’ but the fact that a Democrat or a leftist did this is… There has been a push ever since I’ve been alive to get the ‘youth vote.’ Candidates have tried MTV, ‘Rock the Vote’ and all these things. They get a lot of registrations but they don’t show up.

CALLER: That’s why you need to be back on TV, Rush, because you caught me way back when I was young and I’ve been listening to you ever since.

RUSH: You’re a Rush Baby?

CALLER: Not by birth but by choice, yes, sir. I’m a Rush Baby.

RUSH: All right. Well, the point is, let me ask you. Will the Internet succeed in reaching these 18-to-24-year-olds who, because they’ve got other things on their mind, obviously have no interest in politics?

CALLER: I think it’ll get their vote just because so many — I look at people my age, Rush, and they believe that I’m an idiot because I don’t believe that global warming caused by man is a fact.

RUSH: We know that most 18 to 24-year-olds are still skulls full of mush. We understand, and we know that the ones that you would know, their minds have been flaked and formed by academia and so forth. I think the Internet is going to have a dramatic effect on reaching that age-group, which is why it’s going to be fascinating to watch the kind of stuff that ends up there. You’re going to see more candidates putting their commercials up there as opposed to broadcast TV.

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