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RUSH: Samantha in Belleville, Michigan. Hi, Samantha. I’m glad you waited, and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks so much. Mega podcasting dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: My comment is with regard to Schwarzenegger — and I think, you know, it’s more than him just turning back on conservatives. I think he is looking long-term. He’s very ambitious. He’s seen the writing on the walls, and he thinks a Democrat’s going to win in ’08, and he is making overtures toward them to get a position in the White House.

RUSH: You know, I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. He wants — I’ve heard, I don’t know if this is accurate and ought not speculate on it — that he’s eying a run for the Senate. What position in the White House does he want? He can’t be vice president and he can’t be president because he was not born in the United States, was not born a citizen.

CALLER: Right. Maybe, you know, wasn’t there a Republican under Clinton who made a — was it secretary of defense, or just a higher position even though not a, you know, legally —

RUSH: Look, I think the first part of what you’re saying may have merit, that he thinks the Democrats are going to rule the roost in the next bunch of years and that’s the side he wants to be on, in order to win elections, but I don’t think it has to do with serving in somebody’s White House. But, look, you could be right. You lead me, Samantha, into yet another item in the Stack of Stuff. I found this very interesting today. Bill Murchison, who writes out of Texas, has a column at TownHall.com entitled, ‘The Democrat Implosion.’ I read this and I had to admit I myself have predicted this, and I recently predicted this within the context of the way the Democrats own defeat. Democrats literally own defeat in Iraq and the war on terror.

There’s no escape from it now. They are wedded to it. They’re committed to it. They cannot allow victory. Victory in the war on terror, victory in Iraq would seal their fate, seal their doom. As such, I said I don’t know if it’s going to be 2008, but they are McGovernizing themselves all over again while thinking they’re strengthening themselves, and in the process they are sowing the seeds of their own landslide defeat somewhere down the road, don’t know if it’s 2008, don’t know if it’s 2012, but it’s going to happen. Now, I read Murchison’s piece about the Democrat implosion and here’s the way he opens it.

‘What I mean is, can’t the Democrats see? Don’t they have eyes? A single set would help, under the circumstances. What others are watching with mounting anxiety is the moral and intellectual implosion of a political party. Nor do I mean the Republican Party, for all its undoubted problems and shortcomings. I mean, rather, the party of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Pat Leahy and John Murtha and so on and so forth, who for two months — and we’re only getting started, folks — have kept their country in carefully engineered turmoil. It isn’t necessary to love or, likelier, just put up with the Bush administration in order to feel the flesh crawl whenever an eminent Democrat prescribes for us. A ‘Democratic official’ such as the Associated Press quoted this week, gloating in the uproar over the firings of a handful of federal prosecutors, as saying, ‘We know from last year that Democrats can win in Republican districts where corruption is an issue.’ Wherefore, bring on the corruption!’

His point is that the Democrats are doing everything they can to keep you in as much turmoil and angst and chaos as possible, because they think it is from that they will win elections. Now, I have to be honest about this. All of last year, wherever I went from the golf course to wherever it was, people said to me, ‘Rush, do you think the Republicans are going to hold the House?’ and without hesitation, I said, ‘Yeah. Who’s going to vote for the Democrats? Who’s going to vote for a bunch of people whose defining elements are seething rage, hatred, pessimism, and doom and gloom?’ Yet look what happened. I was wrong. I thought they were in the process of imploding, too. I still do. But I don’t know, folks. I would love for Murchison to be right about this. Yes the country is in turmoil, and yes the country’s full of angst. I know this personally because whenever I act positive in a good cheer, I’m deluged with people wondering how the hell I do it.

Why am I not filled with angst? Well, one is I don’t pay attention to the Democrats other than to comment on them. I don’t listen to them, but people that watch the Drive-By Media… look the more you expose yourself to this stuff every day, the greater the chance it’s going to affect you. So I don’t know if it’s just the simple notion that the Democrats are trying to find a scandal everywhere. We know why they do this. It’s because of Watergate. This is the founding, formative event in the recent incarnation of Democrats. The best way to win at the ballot box is to formulate scandal after scandal after scandal. If Republicans continue to just bow down and kiss their feet or bend over forwards and backwards to try to placate them during all this, I don’t see where the people are going to get upset about it because the Republicans will be tantamount to admitting their guilt in this stuff when they don’t fight back. So anyway, I wanted to run that by you.

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