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RUSH: All right, former vice president Algore pulling shenanigans before a house committee today looking into global warming. This is John Dingell’s committee. A number of rules that Gore asked to be relaxed in his case. Normally the witnesses have to submit their written opening statement 48 hours in advance. Gore asked for a dispensation for 24 hours. He was granted that by the Democrats who run the committee. He still didn’t get it in on time, got it in late last night, early this morning. And then, Algore refused to show up at the hearing during the Republican side’s opening statement. He refused to show up, and John Dingell made excuses for that as well. There was nothing the Republicans could do about it. They are powerless in the House of Representatives. This is not being televised. It’s not on C-SPAN 1 or 2. They had some streaming audio and video of it. The cable nets are cutting into it now. Not very much.

Gore also asked for a 30-minute opening statement, by the way, which is also seldom allowed. The Democrats granted him a 30-minute opening statement. You normally get a maximum of 15. And one of the things that he said to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, he said that climate change presented America with its Thermopylae moment.

He’s trying to make a play here on the movie 300, and he said those 300 in that movie were great and they did the right thing and he called the House of Representatives today’s 535. So our battle of Thermopylae. He talked about we’re witnessing the end of civilization unless something’s done about it. Václav Klaus, the Czech president, has also testified. He repeated under oath what he has said earlier that we quoted, that the whole environmental movement has replaced communism as the primary threat to freedom in the United States today. The Republicans on this committee are loaded for bear.


RUSH: By the way, I want to go back to this global warming thing. Václav Klaus, Czech Republic’s president, shows up and says, (paraphrased) ‘Hey, you people better wake up because global warming has replaced communism as the single greatest threat to freedom in the world.’ Where are our leaders? Where are Republican leaders, anybody in this country saying this? We need to hear it from the Czech Republic president. Now, that’s fine, because this man grew up under communism and has credibility, but where are people in this country, elected officials, on the Republican side willing to say it? Jim Inhofe is one. He’s a Senator from Oklahoma, and he’s one who will say it, but aside from him it’s not too many. It’s a stark realization that hit me after I read the report of what Václav Klaus had to say today before Dingell’s committee in the House.


RUSH: Algore said today before the Dingell committee in the House of Representatives, that we can cure global warming without any harm whatsoever to our economy. Now, I’m wondering here, do you think Algore has a consensus of economists to support that assertion? The whole point of global warming is to do damage to the economy. How can it otherwise be? It’s going to cause tax increases, rollbacks in lifestyle, it’s absurd. But let’s see if we can get a consensus of economists who will agree with Algore on this. His statement, by the way, is the first sign I’ve seen that Algore is getting sensitive to criticism about this and is trying to address one of the major bones of contention that people have with this whole hoax.


RUSH: I’ve told you people that this is a religion, that global warming is a religion. Again a reminder, Václav Klaus, the Czech Republic president, testified on Capitol Hill today, echoing the sentiments uttered by me a decade ago, ‘global warming, environmentalism, is simply the new home for communists. It is the single greatest threat to individual liberty since communism,’ Václav Klaus. No American has the guts to say this, other than I, other than me, but he said it. Ed Markey, during the House subcommittee hearing with former vice president Algore, called Algore a prophet. Told you, this stuff is a religion.

MARKEY: I obviously sat here with you 30 years ago, and what you were saying about information technologies, what you were saying about environmental issues back then, now retrospectively, really do make you look like a prophet. I mean you had your finger on the pulse of the issues of the twenty-first century. And that’s the reason you’re here today. And I think that it would be wise for the Congress to listen to your warnings because I think that history has now borne you out.

RUSH: By the way, we’ve got four Algore bites here. And let’s play the first one. Let’s move to sound bite 16. This is Algore tearing up. He actually starts crying. His eyes got red. I saw this. Talking about what the children will say as they burn to a crisp in the future because we didn’t do anything.

GORE: Congressman Gordon, I want you to tell Peggy happy birthday, and I felt the emotion in your voice as you got to the end of your statement. I have felt that, too. I’ll say this to each of you as individuals. I promise you, a day will come when our children and grandchildren will look back, and they’ll ask questions. They will ask, ‘What in God’s name were they doing? Didn’t they see the evidence? Didn’t they realize that four times in 15 years the entire scientific community of this world issued unanimous reports calling upon them to act? What was wrong with them?’

RUSH: That is an out-and-out lie, and it was illustrated just yesterday on Capitol Hill, a number of scientists showed up. There is no unanimity. That is why they have to keep using the word consensus among scientists. But as to this question about our children or grandchildren are going to look back and ask, ‘What in God’s name were they doing?’ Hell, if you ask me, they already are, because their little minds are being polluted and propagandized with this polar bear garbage. I know parents. They tell me about it. Their little kids come home from school, been forced to watch this Gore tripe, this propaganda, and they come home in tears, some of them, they wake up in tears, they come home agitated, ‘We’re killing the polar bears! We’re destroying the planet! We only have one planet, what are we doing to it, mom? We’re driving too big a car, mom. Turn off all the lights!’ Mom this, mom that.


RUSH: Dave in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Welcome, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, incandescent lightbulb dittos from Alabama, Pennsylvania here. I got to watch C-SPAN3, most of the discussion with Al Gore today, and he did make a few admissions on the scientific level that, I think in response to questions from Representative Barton, he admitted that CO2 levels are lower now than we were during the ice age, according to scientific calculations, and he also admitted that hotter temperature — a rise in the Earth’s temperature has increased the CO2 levels by its own virtue in the past, but that’s not the case now. So he does admit that there’s some debate, whether it’s kind of a chicken or the egg theory. And he also talked about water vapor being the most prevalent greenhouse gas, and there’s also —

RUSH: He agreed to that?

CALLER: Yes, that was in response —

RUSH: That’s news, because he’s out there blaming human beings. We don’t create enough of this stuff even if we totally eliminated it to make a smidgen’s difference. Look, I appreciate what you’re saying here. He made all these admissions. But I’ll tell you why he felt comfortable making all these admissions. Because the science here doesn’t matter. He could admit that everything he’s saying is wrong, and he’s still going to continue the crusade, because this is a moral issue, and this is a religious issue, and this is liberalism 101. Grow government, make citizens feel guilty for the citizens they’re committing, so they’ll agree to higher taxes and bigger government. That’s all this is. It’s a scam. It’s a hoax. I’m glad you called out there, Dave.

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