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RUSH: Look at this, folks. You thought that I was kidding about getting into the carbon offset business and selling the carbon offsets to people that want to buy ’em? This is a great scam! Why not get involved in it? Look at this headline: ‘EIB, World Bank Launch Carbon Fund.’ Today we can announce that we have joined forces with the World Bank to launch a fund to sell suckers carbon offsets. Right there in the headline, ‘EIB, World Bank.’ This is the WorldBank.org website ladies and gentlemen! It’s essentially a press release. ‘The World Bank and EIB joined forces Tuesday,’ I was embargoed from announcing this, ‘to launch a carbon fund to help countries meet commitments under the Kyoto Protocol to cut greenhouse gas emissions.’ Here, you don’t believe me? Let me zoom in for those of you watching on the Dittocam. Let me zoom in there. See that? ‘EIB, World Bank, Launch Carbon Fund.’ Right. There it is.

I’ll tell you something else that we’re going to do. I’m not taking this Fairness Doctrine BS laying down, either. The Fairness Doctrine is a liberal attempt to silence talk radio because there’s no such thing as a Fairness Doctrine. What it does — and I’ll explain to you very briefly — is the Fairness Doctrine requires that local stations grant so-called response time to anybody who thinks they’ve been maligned or criticized by anybody else on that radio station. By the time all these complaints would roll in from programmed liberals, local management would say, ‘This is not worth it. It would water down the programming. It wouldn’t be interesting. It would be boring,’ and they’d just cancel all the programming that generates these complaints.

However, one of the things that I’ve been investigating here in addition to the new deal that we have with the World Bank on the carbon fund, is ‘liberal offsets’ to stave off the whole concept here of the Fairness Doctrine. Just go out there and purchase some liberal offsets, which will allow me not to have to reduce my own content at all. So I go out and buy liberal offsets, and that means liberalism will show up somewhere else. The liberalism that’s not on my program will show up somewhere else, and I will see to it that this happens. We can find plenty of places to put liberalism on the air but not this show. There are any number of ways of dealing with this. No, in all seriousness, ‘EIB’ here is the European Investment Bank. If I let this one go for the whole show… (laughing) but it says here ‘EIB, World Bank Launch Carbon Fund,’ and you thought I was kidding.

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