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“I’m all for bringing people together, but not compromising principles in the process.”

“CNN is the network that really ran with this Arnold/’irrelevant’ comment yesterday. Well, if I’m irrelevant, then what are they doing putting me in news reportsthat indicate that pressure from me changed the White House’s attitude about the Democrats?”

“Rich, you are an example of a slew of e-mails I have received ever since I announced on my website last night that Arnold would be appearing here today: ‘You better not go soft! You better not be a wuss! I don’t want to hear about the times you guys have been smoking cigars!'”

“The Soviet threat has been replaced; today it’s Islamofascism. But this threat is not viewed nearly as seriously as the Soviet threat because they don’t have nukes aimed at us and they don’t have guys like Brezhnev with giant eyebrows.”

“Conservatives have the ultimate faith in the individual. We believe that people can be better than they even think themselves capable of being and we want to do everything we can to educate and inspire people along those lines. We want a great country.”

“I’m thinking of purchasing some liberal offsets. They’ll allow me not to have to reduce my own content at all and liberalism will show up somewhere else. We’ll find plenty of places to put liberalism on the air, but not on this show.”

“You animal rights people are absolutely insane! You are dangerously insane! You have more concern over a bear than you do human beings! I detest these liberals, folks! I detest them!”

“A Democrat lawmaker has introduced a bill that would ban the sale of traditional light bulbs. This is a great illustration of liberalism: You people are too stupid to put the proper light bulbs in your house so the Democrats in Congress, figuring you to be the fool you are, are going to ban the sale of traditional light bulbs.”

“You have to understand that this ‘carbon offset’ term is just code language for: ‘I’m not willing to stop my over-the-top lifestyle just because I use global warming hysteria to attain or keep my power.'”

“I also want to apologize to Governor Schwarzenegger for something I have implied in the past; I have implied that perhaps one of the reasons for his sharp turn to the left is the ideology of his wife, Maria. But after this interview, I’m not sure Maria gets a word in edgewise in their house.”

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