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RUSH: We’ll go to Riverside, California, and Jim, you’re first today. First call. We’re breaking news out there. We have to deal with it. Jim, thanks for waiting.

CALLER: Hi. You were supposed to hardball Arnold. He has California skyrocketing downward to illegal alien hell, and you two end up being stogie smoking buds, all this after Mr. Shriver turns Cali into northern Mexico. And then you said he didn’t let you get a word edgewise. I’ve heard you talk to liberals, and you always manage to get a word in edgewise. Why not with Arnold?

RUSH: Well, I actually did. He was on a jihad, I mean there’s no question he was on a jihad filibuster, and that’s because he wanted to try to control the subject matter and the context of the interview. But I don’t think you must have listened to the whole thing, because he didn’t get outta here scot-free, and I challenged him on a couple of things, but there will be other instances. There was a note included with the humidor, by the way, Jim, he wants to be on the show often, he said.


RUSH: But I’m sorry I let you down. I’m sorry I let you down. I’m not a rude individual, I’m a gentleman, and I understood right off the bat that — well, very soon after the interview started, that he was going to try to filibuster his way through this, just beat the clock, so to speak. What you don’t know is that his office had said, ‘Look, five, seven minutes is all we’ve got because we’ve gotta go meet the police chief in Fresno.’ And he was here for 15. Now, if he had gone outta here in five to seven minutes, I would have basically had a chance to say hi, thanks, and you would have then had an excuse, legitimate reason to be mad at me.

CALLER: Well, thank you for your apology, and I’d appreciate it if Snerdley would quit dissing me when I call, and have a good day.

RUSH: How does he diss you when you call? This is the first I’ve heard of this.

CALLER: Well, he always —

RUSH: I mean you’re here on the air. You made it on the air, you ripped me to shreds.


RUSH: You gotta feel good about that.

CALLER: He said he was going to pass a lot of things on to you because he didn’t think they were worthwhile getting to you. I’ve called and talked to Snerdley 50 times in the past few months, and not once did he think anything I had to say was worthwhile.

RUSH: You know what? Hearing this I think Snerdley deserves a raise, frankly, but I’ll talk to him about this, Jim, and I’ll find out what you told him that he didn’t pass on, because that clearly is not nice, and it’s mean, and plus it’s misleading to you. When he says he’s going to tell me things that he doesn’t, that’s just unacceptable here at the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.

CALLER: Well, you’re a very kind man, and —

RUSH: I appreciate that. You’re in Riverside, and that means you’re in southern California, which is, you know —

CALLER: I’m in illegal alien hell.

RUSH: I know. You’re more northern Mexico now than they are up in San Francisco and Sacramento.

CALLER: We got more gunshots out here at nighttime than Iraq does.

RUSH: And so does Philadelphia and some other cities. Yeah, but I feel for you. I didn’t know that calling this program was such an arduous thing for you, having to go through whatever Snerdley is putting you through. But I promise you, I am going to get to the bottom of it.

CALLER: Well, thank you very much, Rush.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: You are a gentleman.

RUSH: Thank you. Have a great day out there, Jim —

CALLER: You, too.

RUSH: — and we’ll talk to you next week.


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