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RUSH: One more thing about these subpoenas that the Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to authorize today demanding that Karl Rove and Harriet Miers comes up, even though there’s no criminality in any of this. There’s none. They didn’t get rid of any prosecutors that were conducting corruption probes. There’s no evidence, anyway, that they did. Even the Washington Post editorial admits this today. Do you remember the hullabaloo, do you remember the brouhaha when investigators dared to go into the congressional office of Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana) seeking evidence to back up other evidence they had acquired about his being involved in financial chicanery?

Two people have already admitted bribing Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana), and Denny Hastert — speaker of the House at the time and a Republican — and the whole House, screamed, ‘You can’t come up here! Separation of powers! You can’t start conducting investigation of members’ offices.’ Everybody said, ‘Oh, you guys are allowed to use the sanctity of your offices to commit crimes? You’re totally out of touch.’

Don’t tell me that didn’t impact the November election, either. Here’s a Democrat waiting to be indicted (He still hasn’t been, by the way. Where’s the justice department on that?) but going all out of the way here to talk about, ‘You can’t invade our turf!’

The Drive-By Media, of course, thought that was a great move. ‘Yeah! This is the legislative branch being investigated by the executive branch, the justice department! Why, we can’t have that! Why, this is horrible!’ Of course now Leahy and these guys can demand the president send anybody up. It’s just a little parallel that I wanted to use to illustrate that.


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