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RUSH: Rick in Elkhart, Indiana. Thank you, sir, for waiting.

CALLER: Not a problem. Mega dittos from fly-over country.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, I was just kind of curious what you think about the Iranians ‘detaining’ those British sailors and their Marines?

RUSH: It’s no big deal. The Iranians are no threat to anybody. It’s just a little skirmish out there. The Iranians are just trying to protect their sovereignty out there. The whole world is aligned against them and is trying to destroy them. You can’t blame ’em. They see 15 Marines from the UK and say, ‘My gosh! These guys could wipe out our country,’ and they take ’em. This is a classic illustration of how we don’t understand the peace-loving nature of the Iranians. Look, this is the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is a peace-loving country! That’s all they’re interested in, and they see this threat out there. Look at who these people are. These are white people. These are British military people. These people could have suitcase nukes! Who knows what they have? They could have been planning a secret attack on Iran. They could have been planning to work with Special Forces to plant laser-guided missiles. You can’t blame the Iranians for this because they are simply a surrounded nation. Everybody gunning for them. The Russians are threatening not to pay ’em. Little Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is arriving in the US on the weekend here to try to save his little country from a defeat in the vote at the UN Security Council, but it’s no big deal because Iranians are just a nice, misunderstood people.

CALLER: Weren’t the Iranians just coming to the rescue of an Iranian vessel detained in Iraqi waters?

RUSH: The Iranians rescued themselves?

CALLER: My understanding, from what I had been hearing, is the Iranians had a cargo ship that was detained and being inspected by the British.

RUSH: Oh, the British.


RUSH: And so this is retaliation, you think?

CALLER: Who knows?

RUSH: Oh, it could be. I did not know that. I did not know that the British had detained an Iranian cargo ship. Did they board it?

CALLER: I believe they were inspecting it, from my understanding.

RUSH: ‘Inspecting it.’ Well, this should teach the British a lesson! You know, to keep their hands and feet off these peace-loving people’s ships.

CALLER: (Laughing.)

RUSH: We gotta get our minds right about it. Everybody knows the threat in this world is the United States of America. Iranians are harmless people. They just want to get along. They want to be left alone and so forth. What are the British doing invading their territorial waters anyway? Someday we’ll learn, folks. Someday, we will learn.

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