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RUSH: Barack Obama. Have you heard about this? ‘Obama’s Heritage Traced to Ireland.’ Can Al Sharpton say that? Can the Reverend Jackson say that? Can Calypso Louie Farrakhan say that? ‘US Presidential hopeful Barack Obama can now count himself as one of the millions of Americans with Irish heritage. Research by the genealogy website Ancestry.co.uk reveals that Mr Obama’s great-great-great-grandfather was born in Ireland, although it is not yet known where.’ You know, by the time they finish with all this, Barack Obama is going to have ancestors in every ethnic group. Whatever you want him to be, he’s going to be. He is ‘godlike for the godless.’ That’s what Barack Obama is. When you are ‘godlike for the godless,’ you’re going to have a drop of blood of every ethnic group in the world in you.

You know, it’s fascinating. Let’s see. We can talk about Giuliani’s family. We can talk about McCain’s family. We can talk about Mitt Romney’s family. But we can’t ask about Obama’s. We’re not supposed to be asking about his Muslim heritage. We’re not supposed to be asking about that. We can’t talk about Edwards’ family, even though he just did. We can’t talk about the Clinton marriage even though they pretend to have one, but all is fair game with the Republicans. They can go out and talk about Rudy’s family, such as his wife Judith discovered she had a third marriage when she was younger. This is somehow (panting).

Barack has Irish heritage? Ah, this is so wonderful!

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