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RUSH: I have to share this with you. I always check websites during the break here. Some online website called the Dunfermline Press — it’s gotta be some wacko little cult paper in the UK –has a story that has a really great lesson on the unintended consequences of actions taken by those who want to save us from ourselves. In this case, the unintended consequences of the smoking ban. Now, in order for you to appreciate this, and you’ll be able to see it because we’ll link to it on the website later, but for those of you watching on the Dittocam, I want to zoom in because you have to see this guy. He’s the focus of the story. I’m not going to be able to hold it here steadily while I do the story but just get a look at that guy and keep the memory of that face in your mind as we tell you what the story is about. He is a regular at a pub, and he goes in, and he has his adult beverages or whatever. He has been barred. He has been thrown out of this pub because he breaks wind. The guy cannot stop breaking wind. The guy’s name is Stewart Laidlaw, and they say that ‘his bouts of flatulence’ are so over the top that people in the bar ‘have almost been sick after exposure to the foul smells.’ (interruption) It won’t work to tell ’em it’s termites. He’s 35 years old. He’s furious. The name of the pub is Thirsty Kirsty’s, and the guy is livid. He’s the first person to be barred from the pub for breaking wind. Now, the owner says he’s been in there for years breaking wind and nobody knew it because you were able to smoke. But now that they’ve banned smoking, people who have been taking in the guy’s wind all these years are for the first time in their lives able to smell it, and so he’s been banned and so, see? The unintended consequences of banning smoking has caused this guy public humiliation. People had no clue it was happening because of the cigarette smoke that used to be in there. The title of the story is — well, we’re going to title this on the website — ‘Gone with his Wind.’ (Laughing.) The picture! I wouldn’t let the guy in if he smelled like Drakkar Noir cologne, just on the basis of his looks. He’s bright-eyed. This guy looks like he’s on something from the moment he gets in.

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