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RUSH: Let’s go to this Hagel business. Here is a sound bite from yesterday’s program, me speaking.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Snerdley and I were just talking about this, and I can’t figure it out here. I can’t figure what the political upside for Chuck Hagel is and all this rap that he’s gotten into now talking about the president might be impeached or could be impeachable. I just can’t figure it out, unless he’s running for the Democrat nomination. I don’t know what Chuck Hagel is up to. I’m literally one of the brainiest political analysts out there, and this is senseless. I cannot detect an intelligent motive for this.

RUSH: Well, I didn’t think of one thing here, and that is that Chuck Hagel studied at Maverick University, taught by lead professor John McCain — and when you listen to our montage here of various Drive-By Media types, you’ll understand what Hagel was up to.

SCARBOROUGH: What Republican Senator Chuck Hagel said involving the impeachment of George W. Bush.

BLITZER: It’s one thing for some on the fringes to be talking about impeachment. It’s another thing for a senior Republican senator from Nebraska to even mention the I-word.

COSTELLO: Chuck Hagel did drop the I-word. Keep in mind, he is a Republican.

LEHRER: Republican Senator Chuck Hagel warned Mr. Bush. He said, before this is over, you might see calls for impeachment.

KILMEADE: Senator Chuck Hagel saying impeachment time.

CAFFERTY: What does it mean if Republican Senator Chuck Hagel is using the word impeachment?

MATTHEWS (noise): Chuck Hagel, the Vietnam vet, the combat vet, a conservative on almost every issue, is now talking impeachment of the president.

RUSH: Oh, he got what he wanted! That’s what he wanted: fawning media attention for his claim, for his suggestion — and that’s right out of the Maverick University.

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