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RUSH: ‘Democratic Lawmakers to Reintroduce ERA — Liberal Democrats in the Senate and House plan to resume ‘the fight for women’s equality’ on Tuesday, when they reintroduce the Women’s Equality Amendment. Sens. Ted Kennedy (Mass.) and Barbara Boxer (Calif.) and Reps. Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler, both of New York, plan to join Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority, in making the Tuesday afternoon announcement.’ I haven’t seen anything on this yet today, so if they’ve announced it, nobody cares. I doubt that, which means they probably haven’t announced it yet. ‘This time around, supporters say they hope ‘women will finally achieve official equality in America.’ But a conservative group said women’s rights activists are ‘fighting old battles.” All of liberalism is.

All of liberalism is just fighting the same old battle left and right, to destroy capitalism, just come up with various techniques in order to get this done. I remember the first ERA, 1970s, I was in Kansas City. I actually was doing a little talk show then. It was a talk show on a music station, and it was at night. The ERA was the subject. I remember when the original period of time for ratification perspired, here came all these feminazis, ‘That’s not fair! We need to expand the length of time for the states to ratify,’ and I had one of them on the phone. ‘Don’t you think this is a little bit unfair? You’ve got X-number of years. You didn’t get it done. You’re not even close.’ ‘It’s not a question of fairness, Mr. Limbaugh, it’s a question of what’s right. And this is right, we need all the time –‘and of course boundaries, rules and so forth didn’t matter.

It would be interesting to see if they actually do this and what comes of it. It’s another technique to keep the culture roiled. They just want us continually boiling over in anger and effervescence out there. It’s silly. Hell, half the women that would have supported it have now gone back home and are raising kids, out of choice. You know what’s happening, these women that bought into this career stuff and bought into, ‘Don’t make your life about the home. That’s not fulfilling and you’re letting down the sisterhood.’ So they said, ‘Fine and dandy,’ you know, dress like men; got jobs like men; started climbing the corporate ladder like men; started getting heart disease like men, and then eventually found some dupe to marry.

They got pregnant, had a little baby and of course the intention was to either force the company to put a day care center in there or go out and get a nanny and continue to live the enlightened life. Something happened out there. Not all of them, but it’s happening more and more, greater frequency. The arrival of that little unviable tissue mass, the arrival of the little baby in many of these women just had a magical transformational effect. They decided they wanted to stay home. It really irritated the feminist leadership out there. This was not supposed to happen. Feminism, militant feminism has been nothing more than a sustained attack on basic human nature, in large part because it was so unkind to some of them. It was about getting even; it was about reciprocity.

You can do it for a while, I mean you can alter — you know people, feminist guy, feminist gal, had a little girl painted the bedroom blue and gave them a little GI Joe to play with. Or had a little boy, painted the bedroom pink and gave them a Barbie and so forth. They really did this because they bought the notion that it’s all conditioning that makes women like they are and men like they are. They found out that they gave the little boys in the pink bedroom these Barbie dolls and they started playing with them like they were GI Joes, started having fights with each other and killing one or the other and playing war. Parents were aghast. Parents were stunned. The little girl with a GI Joe doll started dressing them up as Barbie and nurturing them and having little doll houses, having tea parties there with these little miniature sets.

GI Joe all decked out for war having tea. It just discombobulated thing. I think the universe of women that would support the ERA this time around is much less than would be intrigued by this in the early seventies when it first started. I’m sure they still got their radicals and these babes up in — babes, I use the term loosely — these women that live up there in the Pacific Northwest. You see them in airports with their two German shepherds to make sure you don’t attack them, and you wouldn’t anyway. Half of them shave their legs, half of them don’t. They’re still out there, they probably vote for it and supported and so forth. You have a universe of people that’s going to be really behind this, has shriveled out there, so to speak. They’re just living in the past. It’s fundraising, too, by the way. It’s a giant, giant fundraising tool on the part of the militant feminist groups.

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