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RUSH: I was on the golf course yesterday. Folks, I am just booming the ball. After the fix that I got on the course last Sunday (I spent six hours out there), I’m having more fun than ever. It’s a whole different game. I can’t believe that I was not instructed this way when I started playing golf in 1997. Anyway, when I’m out there, one of the guys I’m playing with says, ‘Well, what about the Iranians? My God, what are we going to do about the Iranians? The Iranians are kidnapping people! What are we going to do?’

I said, ‘Nothing. Those people got guts.’

The Iranians have guts. They just announced today, ‘Oh, guess what? We’ve changed our mind. We’re not going to release the female prisoner that we’ve got, and what’s anybody going to do about it?’ They know nobody’s going to do anything about it. They know the Brits aren’t going to do anything about it, except officially condemn it via diplomatic channels. Yip yip, yahoo! You think that’s going to excite or bother Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? The Iranians have a history of not releasing hostages until a president in this country is elected that they fear. In the last case, it would be of course Ronaldus Magnus.

So they’re out there saying, ‘Yeah, we’re going to release them. No, we’re not going to release them. We’re going to release her. Nope, we’re not going to release her.’

The GPS says, ‘No, no, no. You Iranians seized our people when they were in Iraqi waters.’

‘No, no, no. They were in Iranian waters.’

So nobody is going to do anything. Newt Gingrich had a good idea. He was on Hugh Hewitt’s show out in California yesterday. He said, ‘Look, I’d do two things. First thing I’d do is I’d tell them under the radar — behind the scenes, not publicly, I’d say — ‘You got 30 days. If you don’t release them in 30 days, we’re going to take out the lone refinery you have to make gasoline. You people want to live in the Seventh Century, we’ll take care of it. You’ll all be walking in another month.’ Then after we do that, we’ll put a naval blockade in there.’ This is what he thinks the Brits ought to be saying. ”We’ll put a naval blockade out and we’ll make sure that no gasoline gets into your country. We’ll make sure that nobody can export anything to you, and after a month of this, you’ll be walking, including your leadership.” That’s what Newt is suggesting. Without fail. Without delay. He said that’s not killing innocent civilians; that’s not doing anything. It’s just surgical strikes. They have only one gasoline refinery. This is an oil powerhouse but they have to import their gasoline. We’ve talked about this before. Just wreck their economy in the process of this. It would be just wreck their economy. If you want to do this, guys, you Iranians, fine, but nobody’s going to do anything. I say that now. The latest thing the Brits have done is gone to the UN and asked for a condemnation. Well, Snerdley just asked me, ‘When’s the West going to realize that Iran is at war with us?’

Well, you must have forgotten the brilliance and the elocution that we heard yesterday from Senator Hagel. We are at war with Muslims. The ‘world’s perception’ is that we’re at war with the Muslims. We’re the ones that are abusing prisoners. We’re the ones engaging in torture. By the way, the Iranians are violating all these Geneva Conventions out there. They can’t put this woman in a burqa. They can’t dress her up like that and so forth, but they’re doing that in violation of the Geneva Conventions. Of course nobody in this country on the left or the Drive-By Media cares about any other nation’s violation of any of these so-called agreements between nations, these Geneva Accords, Conventions, or what have you.


RUSH: Robert in Chico, California, I’m glad you called, sir. Nice to have you on the EIB Network. CALLER: Hello, Rush. RUSH: Yes, sir. CALLER: Mega dittos. RUSH: Thank you. CALLER: My point is it seems like all the countries in the world, all the civilized countries in the world have to fight by the Geneva Convention, yet Iran doesn’t have to do that. Why is it is that we have developed our technology for the last 40, 50 years to where we don’t really need soldiers, why can’t we use our surgical strikes? If they don’t follow the rules, why do we have to? And why do we have to put up with their crap for 30 years and let our soldiers die, when they don’t need to? RUSH: Well, there are answers to this you might not want to hear. One is political correctness. CALLER: Exactly. Liberal idiots. RUSH: The leftist anti-war movement has succeeded in making anybody with power and anybody that has tremendous — achieved — CALLER: Well, my idea is maybe we could yell a little louder and have a poll to the United States people or the people all over the world, ‘Do you think it’s fair that we fight by the rules and they don’t?’ A simple poll. RUSH: That’s what I’m trying to tell you. CALLER: And just put that out there — RUSH: Wait a minute. It’s supposed to be unfair for us. You don’t understand liberalism. You don’t understand political correctness. We’re supposed to be at a disadvantage because it’s not fair that we’re so much more powerful. They’re supposed to be able to do what they did to the Brits, the Iranians are. That’s the only way these poor little people can fight back! It’s okay for them to have IEDs and blow up car bombs and so forth. It’s okay, because they’re just a bunch of discriminated-against, little, backwards people with no economic future. We’re already poisoning the planet. We’re already destroying it with global warming. We’re getting rid of all the animals. We’re polluting the planet. These poor little people have nothing they can do. They must fight back. They must fight back! You have to understand this about liberalism: It does not permit discrimination. They cannot discriminate. So you can’t criticize the Iranians. They have a right to do this because we’re so unfair.

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