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RUSH: I warned you people about this next story. I warned you about it earlier this year. I read a story written by a couple babes at the San Francisco Chronicle, chronicling all the pollution and the waste and the fraud that is in bottled water, and they calculated all of the waste with all the bottles and how the water is not better than anywhere else, and it’s more expensive, and it’s a fraud being perpetrated on the poor and all the usual things. So from Berkeley, California, ‘Bye-bye bottled water. Hello eau de tap. A new trend is in the pipeline, with some upscale restaurants ditching packaged H2O in the name of conservation. The bottled water backlash, which recently spread to the venerable Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley,’ It is a good place by the way, ‘is spurred by environmental concerns over the energy used in transportation as well as the disposal of all those containers.’ You gotta put those bottles on trucks, you gotta roll ’em around over there.

As far as waste is concerned, water is water. You’re either going to drink it out of the tap or drink it out of the bottle. If they stop selling bottles, you drink it out of the tap. The supply of water on the planet’s finite, you understand this? I’ve had atmospheric scientists confirm this to me. Water is in the form of snow, it’s in the form of water vapor. It’s in the form of rain, clouds. The amount of water is finite. Just gets recycled over different places and different parts of the world, different times. Has anybody created new water? When’s the last time you saw new water created? May happen in the space shuttle when they’re up there, and, of course, the desalinization plants convert seawater, which evaporation also does. But we just can’t call on evaporation and harness it immediately. That’s how rain from the sea is clean.

Anyway, they’re on the warpath now to get rid of bottled water because of all the fuel it takes to transport all those bottles and of course there’s no fluoride in it, and it’s not as healthy, far more expensive. Just turn on the tap. It was just yesterday San Francisco said we’re going to get rid of plastic bags, and I told you yesterday that the compact fluorescent bulb is going to be the next plastic bag, looks like bottled water is going to beat it. Bottled water is the next plastic bag. All of you people thinking you’re drinking healthy stuff out there — I drink bottled water, I got a bottle right here, but I don’t drink bottled water for any stupid health reason. I drink bottled water because this stuff is called fruit 2O and it’s various fruit flavors in there.

I don’t like water — not that I don’t like it, I mean when I’m direly thirsty, I’ll have it, obviously, but I don’t drink enough of it. But this stuff makes it enjoyable. I drink minimum four of these a day, 16 ounces in here. This one happens to be grape flavored Fruit2O. It’s just water with no calories, no nutrients and all that stuff, just the flavoring. It is delicious. I have a reason. I can’t turn on my tap and get grape water. I can’t turn on the tap and get tropical fruit water. Now just as I have come along and discovered a flavored water that I actually like with no calories in it, guess what? The commie babes on the left are going to try to take it away from me on the assumption that I am contributing to the destruction of the planet and no doubt global warming, et al.

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