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RUSH: I’m in Snerdley’s office and we’re watching TV. He always has MSNBC on. (I don’t know why, but he always does.) I forget who the info babe was. It doesn’t matter who the info babe was, but I’m watching this back there, and they’re talking about Rove. There’s b-roll of Karl Rove being frog-marched out of some building or something, and there’s Michael Isikoff — the guy from Newsweek who lied about a Koran being flushed down a toilet at Club Gitmo that caused who knows how many attacks and riots and deaths in Afghanistan and a number of places. Here is Michael Isikoff still with total credibility, pontificating on what Rove did. ‘We’ve gotta get Rove,’ and they had this report from this canned US attorney Iglesias, and he put up this graphic of an e-mail to Karl Rove from Pete Domenici, said (paraphrasing), ‘Look, this guy is not doing his job here. I’ve got a perfect guy for you. Thanks, Karl, for considering it,’ and so forth. Senators do recommend judge appointees. The White House hires US attorneys. So he sends an e-mail to Rove and writes, ‘Thanks, Karl.’ Who else you going to call if you want this done? The president’s the guy that hires and fires these people! So they got a little graphic up there from David Iglesias, ‘What’s Domenici thanking Rove for?’ Well, it’s a common way you end an e-mail, Mr. Iglesias. I don’t know about you, but when I send people e-mails, I thank ’em whether I’m asking them for something or not. Man, oh, man, folks! This guy that called right before the last hour ended, who wanted to know why we have to play by the rules and the other clowns out there don’t? ‘How come the Iranians get away with violating the Geneva Conventions and we are slayed when we don’t violate them, for violating them?’ I want to expand on this. You folks have gotta understand something. This is a combination of two forces having come together (actually, one entity) political correctness and liberalism. You have to understand liberalism. It has many facets to it, but one of the facets is that the majority is, by definition, unfair because it’s larger than the minority. So the minority has no power. The small groups have zero power, therefore they are incapable of being any ‘-ists.’ They’re not bigots; they’re not racists; they are not sexists because they ‘don’t have the power to implement’ any of their bigotry. Well, on the other hand it’s not supposed to be fair for the majority because they’re already in a power position that’s unfair relative to everybody else. Now, at the root of this is the fact that liberals live their lives trying to accomplish one thing, and that is that they never discriminate against people. That is why they look at my humor wrong. I’ve seen liberals say, ‘Well, yeah, Limbaugh’s funny, but the problem with Limbaugh’s humor is that it’s always at the price of some minority or it’s always aimed at people who have no power.’ This is the subtext for it. You are just not allowed to discriminate. They will not allow themselves to discriminate. Well, you might say, ‘They discriminate against Bush all the time.’ Well, let’s say it’s a contest between Bush and the Iranians. You have to discriminate against Bush, because Bush has all the arsenal; he has the power; he has this robust economy behind him. It’s okay to discriminate against the majority, particularly when you’re not in it. So these poor little insurgents in Iraq? Why, they’re just these little nomads and they’re up against this massive superpower, and they’re just doing what they can to get noticed! When I first came across this, early on in my busy broadcast career, I went out to Los Angeles. I was doing an appearance out there at our 50,000 watt flame thrower, KFI, and there had been some gay protest — oh, it was when ACT UP stormed into St. Patrick’s Cathedral and started throwing condoms during the mass of John Cardinal O’Connor. I just flipped a wig on this and raised holy hell about it. I said, ‘Maybe you people, instead of throwing condoms in there, need to seek some counsel in there because this is clearly…’ and some reporter in Los Angeles (I forget what paper) wanted to talk to me about it. I said, ‘This is outrageous. It’s setting back the movement.’

‘But they have to do something to get noticed, Mr. Limbaugh! Nobody paying attention to their cause. They have to do anything they can to get noticed.’

A light went off in my head. Oh, they’re entitled to all this disobedience. They’re entitled to go up to the edge of the law and maybe cross the line and break the law, because they’re a minority, and they are being discriminated against simply because they’re in the minority. Even minority members are automatically the victims of discrimination by virtue of being a minority. Their characteristics; their character; their behavior, is irrelevant. They can be reprobates, and they’re entitled to be, because they are in the minority. So when you ask me, ‘Why is it that has the Iranians able to get away with violating all these codes of conduct and we’re held to even higher standards than what the code of conduct requires,’ it’s because things aren’t supposed to be fair for the United States. You have to understand that as far as the politically correct and the left are concerned, the United States is guilty by virtue of its existence. It takes too much of the world’s resources, pollutes too much of the planet, and is single-handedly destroyed the planet with global warming. The United States has way too much wealth. The United States is unkind and unfair to the disadvantaged, and so, ‘These poor little Iranians, they only have one gasoline refinery. These people are backwards. They live in the Seventh Century, and most of them don’t even have air-conditioning! They live in these mud huts or whatever it was that still survive from these Seventh and Eighth Centuries,’ and so forth. ‘What do you expect? Here are these Brits, these 15 Brit soldiers, this omnivorous, all powerful, deadly-force-threatening Brit contingent of 15 threatens the sovereignty of this poor little nation Iran. Why, the Iranians have every right to defend and protect themselves.’ When you start demanding ‘fairness’ out there, understand this: it’s not to be extended to Americans (particularly in this climate of conservative or Republican Americans). Because by virtue of our power and our majority status, we are guilty, and therefore any act against us is permitted. But any act of retaliation by us is ‘excessive,’ unnecessary. That’s why we have to close Club Gitmo. Why, these are just poor little nomads, what do we think we’re doing acting like we run the planet, acting like we run the universe? Who in hell do we think we are! This kind of thing works. You have a politically correct society typified by the British society these days. They’re not going to do anything. They may put some ships out there, but the UK does not have the navy it used to have. The British Empire is no more. I will say this. I don’t think the mullahs of Iran would have done this had it been 15 Americans close to or in Iranian waters. I don’t think they would have dared do this to the United States, but someone from the UK? They’ll do it, because they know nobody’s going to do anything about it, because everybody that wants to do (or would do) something about it? Their hands are tied. We’re supposed to sit around and let our forces be captured like this, and we’re supposed to sit around and let ’em be beheaded, and we’re supposed to sit around and let ’em be paraded on television in violation of the Geneva Convention. We deserve this! We deserve to ‘find out what it’s like’ to feel like we have been making the rest of the world’s poor and minorities feel all of our existence. That’s the point of multiculturalism and the trashing of the original Founders and settlers of this country. It’s part and parcel. So if you want to call a mass rally and demand fairness for the United States of America, understand this: You are going to be laughed at by liberals and Drive-By Media in this country throughout.

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