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RUSH: A correction from yesterday where there was a Washington Post blog story that I quoted in illustrating a See, I Told You So. After Tony Dungy’s Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl, during his interview on the field with Jim Nantz of CBS Sports after the game, Dungy said (paraphrased), ‘Yeah, it’s important that Lovie Smith and I are both black. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but the most important thing is that we are Christians, and we did it the Christian way, and we are both champions and so forth.’

I said, ‘How long is it going to be before somebody raises hell about this and the NFL has to apologize for Christianity showing up on the NFL post-game show at the Super Bowl?’ It didn’t take long. Tony Dungy apparently has spoken at a convention of people in Indiana that oppose gay marriage and has agreed with their stance, and this has caused a major hubbub in some Drive-By Media circles, and the Washington Post blog yesterday took after Dungy in the typical ways. I erred in identifying the blogger. I said that the blogger’s name was Ben Domenech and that was not right. Ben Domenech was a blogger at the Post and he got blown out shortly after doing his first couple blogs, because he was conservative and the Washington Post blogosphere had no desire for him to be there. The blogger that attacked Tony Dungy was Emil Steiner, and Mr. Domenech, because of the power and influence of this program, got all kinds of hate mail yesterday after my mention, and I wanted to correct this. Ben Domenech is a good guy. The blogger at the Washington Post was somebody named Emil Steiner.

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