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“Who the hell does Nancy Pelosi think she is? She is negotiating with a terrorist state!”

“Will somebody tell me what the hell these British soldiers are if they aren’t hostages? Are they guests?Are they captives?Give me a major break — they are hostages!”

“By consensus of the American people, I am Rush Limbaugh: America’s most listened to and most accurate radio or television media figure on the air today. Everybody else a Rush Denier.”

“Liberals… They are perverted. And they’re sick. And this is why if they ever truly wrest control of the national defense of this country we face huge doo-doo.”

“The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said that it’s better for Bush to refrain from makingirrational comments. Well, maybe they would prefer President Bush going on national TV and saying something like, ‘Three hours ago the following targets in Iran were obliterated by the combined actions ofUS and allied Air Forces.'”

“I don’t like to use that phrase — ‘number one’ — because it’s become a clich, and besides; the peoplewho writedictionaries and all that are Rush Deniers.”

“I just got an e-mail note from somebody: ‘Do you ever get tired of talking about yourself?’ ‘No’… is the honest answer. I’m like everybody else: I love talking about myself. Ha, ha!”

“I think the fact that the Iranians are nuking up and threatening to blow a bunch of people off the planet and seem to be unstable and irresponsive is the largest factor in animating our policy towards them.”

“I just refuse to believe that the kind of debauchery and perversion that we see chronicled on television and in movies is something new that didn’t happen in the 50s. Let me tell you what Ward and June Cleaver were doingwith their neighbors.”

“Wow. You have just called me the ‘modern-day Edward R. Murrow.’ Do you realize how many liberals in this audience have just blown a gasket?”

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