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RUSH: Candy in Los Angeles on the 405, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good morning. How are you?

RUSH: I couldn’t be better. Thank you.

CALLER: That’s terrific. My point is that Nancy Pelosi is doing a lot more damage to — besides just the Democrats, my mother, who is 80 years old and votes every election, said, ‘This is the reason why you shouldn’t vote for a woman, dear. Look at how upside down she is. She knows nothing. She puts her nose where things don’t belong. That’s what women do. They’re just too emotional.’ You know, and we were talking about as I simply had to call and tell you because —

RUSH: Wait a minute. Now, wait. Wait just a second. He can’t issue a broad generality like, ‘Women put their noses in place they don’t belong.’ I can give you several personal examples where that’s been great.

CALLER: Not me, sir. I will tell you honestly that I have been having an open dialogue with my mother about, you know, about the possibility of a woman being president. And she said, ‘Nope, they’re just not emotionally capable, you know, blah, blah, blah.’ But the long and short of it is that Nancy Pelosi was the person that she used to drive home her point this weekend when I saw her, and I just thought this was kind of ironic because she said, ‘This is why Hillary Clinton can never be president. Look at what this woman is doing!’ So I think that the damage is not only to the Democrats, it’s certainly specifically to Mrs. Clinton.

RUSH: Well, you know, you’re very prescient, you and your mother, because I have to tell you something. One of the things that I predicted would happen after Ms. Pelosi was elected to the speakership of the House was a battle for control of Washington between Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Bill Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi. It’s going to be a problem for Hillary, you’re exactly right, because Nancy Pelosi thinks that she is co-president already.


RUSH: Something Hillary has actually been. Pelosi’s acting like she is the co-president now, and she’s doing what she can to set the Democrat Party agenda for Washington, and it may not be something that’s going to be helpful to Mrs. Bill Clinton. Mrs. Bill Clinton is not going to want to appear as far off the left-wing fringe as Ms. Pelosi does. Even though she is, she isn’t going to want to appear that way. But Pelosi! This is why we reminded you of the existence of the Queen Bee Syndrome, which is women in positions of power do not put other women in close subordinate roles because they don’t want a female competitor. They would rather have a male competitor in close supportive roles in business organization, wherever. But Hillary is seeking the power of the most powerful woman, the most powerful person in the world. Pelosi’s nowhere close to that, but she’s acting like it. So you’re right. There’s all kinds of things here that are being roiled and mixed in this evil brew. It is going to have consequences and ramifications down the road.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: That will not lead to friendship.

CALLER: No. No. Not only that, it’s alienating the women voters. Because as I say my mother and I had a dialogue for some time because I would love to see Condoleezza Rice run. I really respect her. I think she’s a fabulous woman, and I think that she might have a place someday as the chief. However, that everything been said, my mother — who as I say is 80 years old — said, ‘Absolutely not. I wouldn’t vote for her. I wouldn’t vote for a woman,’ and my mom isn’t so different than all the other moms out there that have been around for a long time. They’re from the old school. They don’t see the changes that are coming, but when this lady — who like is an embarrassment to California anyway — reacts the way she does. It just drives home my mother’s point that women are not fit to be in those kinds of positions —

RUSH: Yeah, but —

CALLER: — where you have to have a cool head.

RUSH: Look, look, I understand this, but that alone — these things taken singly or individually are not going to be enough — to have an impact. It’s going to take a, you know, series of these kinds of things. What Pelosi is doing is not irritating her people on the left. It’s not irritating a lot of people. They think she’s looking cool. Especially the left-wing kooks which make up the base of the Democrat Party. So it hasn’t come back to hurt her yet, and don’t forget, there’s another side in this equation. You can sit there and you and your mother can tell yourselves stories and anecdotes about all this, but it’s not scientific, and you’re making a big mistake if you think that you are thinking and reacting as a majority of American women are. In and of itself, you may be right, but we’ll never know. The aspect of this equation, the part of it that’s missing, is Republicans standing up and saying what you’re saying. Not about the women business, but, ‘Who the hell does she think she is? This is negotiating with a terrorist state! The state department has Syria on the list of states that sponsor terrorism. She’s over there sipping tea.’ She’s not the first. A bunch of other Democrats have gone over and done the same thing. John Kerry has been there. If Republicans don’t stand up and say anything about it, then a lot less hullabaloo will be created in the minds of the general public.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier, ladies and gentlemen, that Nancy Pelosi’s ‘calm down, Mr. President, just calm down’ comment is still driving me up the wall. Here she is. She’s a mother. She’s a grandmother. She can nurse the kids and balance them on her knee and protect country at the same time. She’s speaker of the House. She’s commander-in-chief. She’s secretary of state, and, my friends, she is a ______. (Fill in the blank.) What has she done? Look at this 100 hour gimmick. Lots of Drive-By praise, but what did it accomplish? Oh, oh, I’m sorry, it led to a minimum wage increase in two years, which still hasn’t become law. What did they get done? They can’t legislate anything, folks. They can’t get any legislation through Congress. They don’t have a majority large enough to sustain presidential vetoes, and because they can’t legislate, they’ve decided to investigate — and they’re going to go overboard doing that. Orrin Hatch finally took it to Senator Pat ‘Leaky’ Leahy yesterday. We have the audio sound bites of that coming up on this attorney general firing thing.

She hasn’t done anything, other than become the first female speaker of the House. She’s got a lot of press, a lot of Barbara Streisand, and now she’s off to Syria. The administration asked her not to go. She didn’t even ask for permission. She didn’t call up and say, ‘What would you think of me going over there on a fact-finding trip?’ So there she is in Syria. We see her sipping tea with the dictator over there, Bashar Assad. She tells the president to calm down! ‘You have to understand, Mr. President!’ She can’t handle one bit of criticism, not one bit of criticism, and she’s on the phone to the White House complaining or moaning or telling the president to calm down. While she ‘slow bleeds’ the funding for the military, she tells the president to calm down? While she’s trying to secure the defeat of the US military and the United States itself, she tells the president to calm down?

She defies her own government while we are at war, and she tells the president to calm down? Can you imagine back in 1995 or ’96, if Newt Gingrich had gone off to Kosovo to try to negotiate some sort of peace there while Bill Clinton was mounting bombing runs from 15,000 feet? Can you imagine if Newt Gingrich had gone off to Syria, if he’d gone off to Syria while Bill Clinton was negotiating with Arafat in the Lincoln Bedroom trying to achieve Middle East peace? Now, Bush has to do something about this. The president has to get involved. He can’t sit there and say, ‘Okay, I’ll be calm.’ He’s got to react to this somehow, if not for himself, for the presidency. You might say, ‘They gotta be careful because the Republicans are going to play these same tactics if the Democrats get the White House,’ but I’m not so sure the Republicans have it in them to behave like this.

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