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RUSH: At the beginning of this program, I asked a salient question. I said, ‘How long will it be before Nancy Pelosi or some Democrat claims that her visit to Syria played a key role in the release of the British hostages?’ An AP news alert at the top of the hour: ‘Damascus, Syria — Syrian officials say that Damascus played a key role in getting the 15 British sailors and marines released by Iran.’ There’s no mention of Pelosi here, but Bashar Assad wants in on the action — and, of course, what’s next in this story is that Pelosi obviously played a key role. Somebody from the United States, somebody from the coalition against the Islamofascists in Iraq actually showed up and talked to one of these brave young leaders of the Islamofascist nation, Syria, and showed that we can do business with the United States. The United States via Pelosi made it clear that we harbor no ill intent (when Democrats are elected) and as a show of good faith and good will, Syria worked with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I just see this all coming.

‘See? If we will just reach out the hand of friendship to these people! We’ve been totally lied to, Mr. Limbaugh, about who these people are and we totally misunderstand them. They’re just people want to be left alone, like I’ll say, just little people, and they’re nice as they can be, but of course we’re attacking them all over the world. They have to defend themselves, Mr. Limbaugh!’ You remember when the Reverend Jackson got Slobodan Milosevic to release some American hostages with his ‘diplomacy’ with those thugs? Here’s the explanation for this. These clowns, Ahmadinejad and Bashar Assad, are not dumb. They’ll do these tiny gestures to please people they’d rather have in power, such as limp-wristed Democrats, than people who will actually stand up to bullies. So, look at this as almost like a campaign contribution to the Democrat Party, is what the release of these hostages is like. Now, with Syria claiming they had a role, we’re not far from hearing that Nancy Pelosi privately and persuasively appealed on the good heart and the good nature of Bashar Assad to do what he could. Mark my words, folks. It’s not far down the road.

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