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RUSH: Here’s Carl in Tampa. Tampa is a city that we own. Welcome to the EIB Network, Carl. It’s great to have you.

CALLER: Hello, Rush, mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’d like to get you to listen to something to think about. I don’t think this Nancy Pelosi thing is against Bush, but I think she’s more trying to establish her power base before Hillary gets elected.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know if that’s true, but you raise a great, great point, and I will tell you this. Hillary Clinton is out there trying to get elected president, camouflaging her liberalism, and here’s Pelosi, defining it for the world!

CALLER: Right, but —

RUSH: Here’s Pelosi defining what far left Democrat people have all become, and this has gotta be unnerving to Mrs. Clinton, and I think you’re right, Pelosi is seeking to be the power in Washington, the most powerful woman in Washington. There’s no question. That’s why we developed the queen bee syndrome theory to explain this.

CALLER: That’s what I just explained to the screener. There’s no way you can have two queen bees in the same hive and have the hive function correctly.

RUSH: Well, that’s something that’s going to manifest itself. If Hillary wins the presidency and the Democrats hold the House — ha-ha-ha-ha — that would be fun to watch, but don’t put it out of your mind the notion here that they’re not aiming at Bush on this. Bush is clearly the target.

CALLER: Yeah, but he’s in the last shift of his lame duck presidency. There’s nothing he can really do to harm them, and she’s looking towards her future, and that might include Hillary.

RUSH: Well, if she were going to take on Hillary in a direct confrontation. You think she’s going to run for president?

CALLER: She’s already literally taken over that position as speaker of the House!

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: She doesn’t have to run. She’s taking it by proxy!

RUSH: I have to ask you a question.


RUSH: (Laughing.) Carl, are you married?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: That explains your thinking on this.

CALLER: I’ll take it one step further. This is my third one, so…

RUSH: I’m just kidding, ladies. I just love stereotypical humor. Now, back off. Ahem! (Laughing.)

CALLER: That’s the only picture I see, them going at it, and we suffering for it.

RUSH: (Laughing.) Carl, I like the way you’re thinking on this.

CALLER: I get this train of thought by listening to your show on a regular basis, and the most frightening thought for America is if both of them have a certain time of the month at the same time.

RUSH: Oh, no! No! No! (Laughing.)

CALLER: Yeah, I’m moving out of the state and I’ll talk to you later, Rush.

RUSH: (Laughing.) All right, I appreciate that, Carl. (Laughing.) Thanks a whole lot! (Laughing.) You know, we saw — Snerdley and I, when he was telling me that he was again suspend himself at the top of the hour — Fox, apparently was in Florida, I’m not sure where it was, but a teacher stood by, did nothing, and watched while a fight between two 12-year-old girls broke out, seventh graders, seventh grade girls broke out and one of the girls in the crowd watching, you know, videotaped it with a cell phone, or recorded it with a cell phone. The quality wasn’t too good. The teacher’s getting all kind of grief here for standing around watching this and not doing anything to stop it, and I was reminded of this when Carl was going through the possibilities here with Nancy (interruption). It was in Orlando, I knew it was in Florida. I said to Snerdley, ‘I don’t blame the teacher. I’d watch it, too.’ The teacher’s probably afraid of getting sued. If you break this up, you might be choosing sides. If you break it up, you might hurt one of the 12-year-olds. Teachers can’t win in this circumstances. The school will get sued and teacher will get reassigned to a new school, probably with this clown that mooned his teacher, probably went to the same academy somewhere.

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