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RUSH: This is Sam at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, nice to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Limo ditto drivers to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Before I get to my point you made my day, I was listening to all of your ads, you know, and waiting for you, and I think that the Pelosi could probably get a job as a baggage handler management person.

RUSH: (Laughing.) She might be qualified for that, yeah.

CALLER: The question that I have, I’m independent and to be honest with you I hope Fred Thompson runs for president because I’d vote for him, but don’t you think that the two Americas thing is really real, that the Democrats in power are actually doing exactly what the base wants them to do?

RUSH: That’s a two part question in terms of my answer. Yes, there are two Americas. Not in the economic sense as John Edwards has said, but there clearly are two Americas. You can’t visit some of the left-wing, Looney Toon Democrat websites and conclude otherwise. So are the Democrats pandering to their base? Yeah, they’re doing that. There’s an element of that behavior necessary for fundraising to keep these people happy. These people are very militant. These people are threatening to take over the Democrat Party, the MoveOn.orgs and all of that if the Democrats don’t do what they want and the Democrats responded to them. This is like taking the advice of anybody whose advice is wrong and is not in the best interests of the country. This is not leadership. But the difference here between the Democrats and their base is very infinitesimal. I don’t think the Democrats are a bunch of what you and I would call reasonable, down-the-middle moderates who are cowed by these kooks on the left and their base and acting frightened of them. I think they’re one and the same.

You have to understand this, Sam. The whole Democrat Party is a machine. For example, when the Fox News Channel was canceled with its debate in Nevada, it was said that MoveOn.org pulled this off. MoveOn.org and a couple other websites pressured the Nevada Democrat Party to cancel the debate and they did, and that misses the whole point. The whole Democrat Party is a machine. I will guarantee you that that would not have happened without Rahm Emanuel and John Podesta. John Podesta runs the Center for American Progress, which they set up because they thought the Democrats didn’t have enough think tanks to compete with the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute, things like that, and Rahm Emanuel runs the Democrats in the House in terms of their electoral efforts. They insulate each other. ‘Yeah, MoveOn.org did this,’ and of course they say that because they want MoveOn.org to sound omnipotent. They want MoveOn.org to be perceived as this massive, powerful, Internet club that can move and mobilize the entire party.

From the feminists to Big Labor to the civil rights coalitions, there’s a machine, and it’s a mistake to say that one element tells the whole party what to do, that one element can shout up and make some noise and the whole party just falls in line. That’s not how it happens, so there’s not that great a different between the Democrats in Washington and these kooks. They’re not just securing defeat because their base wants it. You’ve going to have so understand who these liberals are, and it’s not new. This is one of the things that frustrated a caller earlier this week, and we spent all this time talking about. The Democrats did this in Vietnam. The Democrats have done this in practically every war that we’ve had that was not started by a Democrat. They are just hell-bent. They’re hell-bent on destroying Bush. They hate Bush with a personal passion. They think he’s illegitimate after Florida 2000. They’re just consumed with hatred. They’re consumed with irrational rage and hatred. They’re trying to relive their glory days of the Vietnam War and Watergate. So they’re being who there. Now, if you want to say you can let ’em off the hook because they’re just doing what their base wants them to do, yeah, you can say that, but it’s not as though they don’t want to do it and they’re only doing it because their base is demanding it.

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