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RUSH: Brian in Tampa, I’m glad you waited, sir. You are next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, after your last call, I’m not sure: are you for or against this?

RUSH: (Laughing.) My instincts are to be a little bit suspicious of this, but I don’t think my opinion on it matters. We’re beyond that. If this goes down anything like the Dubai Ports Deal went down, it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. It’s dead.

CALLER: Okay. Well, the thing is, I think all the countries — the consortium of governments — that own this, I think it will be better because it won’t be one person owning it. As we know, All-American businesses that are —

RUSH: Well, wait a minute. Wait. One person doesn’t own it now.

CALLER: But they’re all Americans.

RUSH: Well, not necessarily, got investors all over the world.

CALLER: Yeah, okay, the CEO, the board, they’re all Americans, and Americans always — large American corporations always screw over the shareholders. But my point is, is every country owning it doesn’t have a reason to hate us. The only reason that Iran and all them hate us is because we oppress them, and we don’t oppress any of those countries that are going to be owning it.

RUSH: You don’t understand militant Islam. You don’t understand the objectives of people who hijacked that religion. You look at Saudi Arabia, and you’re talking about Wahabiism. There’s plenty here to be concerned about. Your theory is something I said during the Dubai Ports Deal, that they’re not going to blow up their own port if they own it.

CALLER: Well, no, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying we American does not — America does not oppress those governments, the ones you read off, they don’t have any reason to hate us —

RUSH: We are not —

CALLER: — unlike Iran.

RUSH: Wait a second. Wait a minute. We’re not hated because we oppress Iran. The Iranians don’t hate us because we oppress them.

CALLER: Yes, they do! That’s why they act like that. They’re just… Look, they’re helpless. They would not act like that.

RUSH: You don’t understand the Islamic revolution in 1979. They hate us because we’re alive; they hate us because we’re not them; they hate us because we don’t subscribe to their religion. You gotta understand that first and foremost. We don’t oppress people anyway.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, get serious. Come on.

RUSH: Who are we oppressing?

CALLER: (sputtering) You’re telling me that they would actually just (sputtering) be angry at us for no reason except that (sputtering). We oppress them. That is why. If we stopped it, it would stop.

RUSH: I’m not telling you, they are. Listen to them. They’re the ones who are threatening to blow us off the map along with Israel!

CALLER: Yeah, because we sanction that.

RUSH: Listen to bin Laden, listen to Zawahiri, listen to Ahmadinejad. Don’t listen to me. Listen to them! That’s what scares me. Nobody is believing what these people say. George Bush is the biggest enemy to some people in this country.

CALLER: Because he is.

RUSH: These people are swearing our extermination and we’re not listening to them.

CALLER: (Deep breath.) Mr. Limbaugh, look at all of the Arab countries. The ones that we’re on friendly terms with are not terrorists. They only do that because they have no other way to speak out!

RUSH: Oh, come on! This is like saying ACTUP is justified throwing condoms around St. Patrick’s Cathedral because it’s the only way they can be heard.

CALLER: (Deep breath.)

RUSH: You liberals are going to have to get over this silly notion that everybody is entitled to dump on us because we discriminate against people. The only way they can be heard? Why can’t they just be happy and live amongst themselves? Why do they have to be on this massive effort to convert the whole world or wipe out those who refuse to go along with them? You gotta understand what this threat is about! I’m not even talking about the Dow Chemical deal now. I’m speaking specifically to your nonsensical assertion that countries that we don’t oppress, don’t hate us. Islamofascists don’t even really have a country other than the Iranians, and they hate us — and we don’t oppress them. We haven’t done anything to them. We didn’t do anything to bin Laden. We didn’t do anything to Zawahiri. We haven’t done anything to these people, not one thing — other than elect Bush and support Israel.

They’ve been killing us with acts of terror for 30 years, and we were slow to awaken to it. You’re buying this tripe that’s been taught to you by whoever, either in school or whatever that we are oppressing the world and as such we need to understand why they hate us and deal with them on that basis, and we don’t have time to understand why they hate us. All we need to know is they do, and they have no desire to not hate us. They don’t want to like us! They hate you every bit as much as they hate Bush, every bit as much as they hate me. They hate Pelosi. They think she’s the biggest blithering idiot on the planet, but they still hate her. But she’s useful to them, as will people like you be if you don’t wake up. (sigh) This is worse than I thought.

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