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RUSH: Boyd in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, mega dittos, Rush. Today’s the day that I’m going to declare that I’m not going to take it anymore, okay? My point is that this morning on the Today Show, and I was watching Al Sharpton and Don Imus there, and they were both talking, and Imus, he went on the Al Sharpton show, and he apologized, and today it showed Al Sharpton really not willing to accept an apology. I really believe that that is showing more racism on Al Sharpton’s part and I might be going out on a limb on —

RUSH: You know what? I’m going to play you a sound bite. Ed, I want you to go up there and grab sound bite number eight, because this might help you to understand the thinking. You’re right. The Reverend Sharpton accepted the apology but didn’t allow it to go anywhere. He still thinks —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — the perp here should be fired.

CALLER: Yeah, exactly.

RUSH: That is not racism. The question about that is, it’s the Easter season, and this is a Christian minister, and where’s the forgiveness?

CALLER: You know what, the racism issue, your caller Angela, she hit the nail right on the head. It wasn’t done with malice, the comment, and it came from a cultural perspective. You know, from the cultural — culture, I guess, of the —

RUSH: You can’t say that.

CALLER: — Afro-American —

RUSH: Can’t. We’ve been through this earlier today.

CALLER: Right, and —

RUSH: Only certain people are allowed to use those cultural terms that were used.

CALLER: Well, yeah, but, you know, what it is is I think —

RUSH: No, you can’t say that. You can’t say that. That’s a colloquialism that you’re not allowed to say. You can’t say ‘what it is.’

CALLER: I see where you’re going on that, and I really feel that this, you know, later on down the road, what are we going to have to be able to accept? I mean some of the parodies that you have, Rush, could be considered as offensive to, you know, the Club Gitmo? My goodness! The Muslims, aren’t they going to come back to you, and say, ‘Let’s fire Rush,’ you know, and where does it stop? We’re talking about entertainers who are entertaining, and are trying to entertain and use things that are in everyday life to entertain.

RUSH: Well, let me play this sound bite. There’s a double standard out there.


RUSH: I’m not saying the double standard is right. You want an answer to your question.


RUSH: That’s why I say that at some point a tipping point is going to be reached on this.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: You may be on the cutting edge of it because you’ve said you’re not going to take it anymore.

CALLER: Oh, well, I —

RUSH: I don’t know. What are you going to do? When you say you’re not going to take it anymore, what are you going to do?

CALLER: Well, first of all, I called your show. I’ve written letters and tried to call the television networks, and the only thing I haven’t done is found somebody with a ton of money to actually go out —

RUSH: You’re missing the point.

CALLER: — and have a show that refutes all the information that liberals put out.

RUSH: You’re missing a penitentiary big point in all this. I wish you had been listening earlier because what happened here, what the perp said is nothing new.

CALLER: Well, of course.

RUSH: It’s been going on for 30 years or 20 years or ten years or whatever.

CALLER: Oh, of course.

RUSH: The Drive-By Media have been looking the other way because the —

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: — Drive-By Media use the perp’s show to elevate themselves. Now all of a sudden they’re caught in a bind here.

CALLER: Well, yeah.

RUSH: They’re trying to go through the charade of reporting objectively about this as though, ‘My gosh, we’re totally stunned! Why, we never heard this kind of thing!’

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: Just listen to the sound bite.


RUSH: This is the Reverend Jackson. He was on NBC today. Meredith Vieira says, ‘Reverend Jackson, [the perp] again this morning said that he had made a mistake, called his statement stupid and idiotic, said he hopes to learn from it, and he’d be suspended for two weeks. He believes that’s an appropriate punishment. Do you agree with him?’

JACKSON: One of his cohorts said, ‘These are hard-core ho’s.’ His response was, ‘nappy headed ho’s. No, they looked like Toronto Raptors, the men’s basketball players. No they looked like Memphis Grizzlies.’ That’s the whole conversation. But they referred in that same show to Venus and Serena Williams. ‘They shouldn’t be in Playboy. They should be in National Geographic,’ as in animals, or ‘if Hillary Clinton speaks before the blacks in Selma, Alabama, maybe she’ll have on cornrows and gold hanging making signs.’ So this is a whole culture or free flow of bigotry, and A, they’ve done it before, so this apology is repetitious, and the insult is very egregious and very deep.

RUSH: Do you get the Reverend Jackson’s point there, Boyd?

CALLER: Actually —

RUSH: The Reverend’s Jackson’s point was that this stuff had been going on. The whole show was going on that day and it’s been going on for a long time, and that’s why they’re not going to be Christian ministers and forgive it.

CALLER: He went the whole gamut of everything that he could think of in which to make it look that this is the most terrible thing.

RUSH: If some of the stuff that the Reverend Jackson said was actually said, that’s just juvenile humor. The kind of jokes they tell in junior high school. Nevertheless, the interesting thing about Reverend Jackson’s comment was Hillary Clinton. ‘Hillary Clinton speaks before blacks in Selma, maybe she’ll have on cornrows next and gold hanging making gang signs.’ Now, you know what that’s a reference to, she went out there to Selma, Alabama, and the Reverend Jackson is supporting Obama, and she went out there, and started speaking in this black dialect that she didn’t pull off very well, and people thought it was pandering and so forth, and it sounds to me like the Reverend Jackson was offended by this. I want you to grab cut six. You gotta hear this one, too. I’ve been talking about it all day. This is Meredith Vieira apologizing to the Reverend Jackson for bringing up his Hymietown slur. So when you ask him about it, you have to apologize for bringing it up, and hear how that exchange went.

VIEIRA: Reverend Jackson, I apologize, but some of your critics reminded me of 1984, and I remember it as well. You were running for president, and you referred to New York City as ‘Hymietown,’ and you were raked over the coals for that. A lot of people said you were an anti-Semitic gentleman and it took you several days to apologize and then you begged for forgiveness. So what’s the difference between that and this?

JACKSON: Well, if it’s repetitious, and if it’s a pattern, that is one question. But the broader context here, I must say, is that, one, we get Shaquanda Cotton being sent to jail for seven years for pushing a hall monitor. To come under March Madness and all the blacks on the basketball court, UCLA had 132 freshmen admitted last year. In the Final Four, of 26,000 freshmen in those four schools, 2,000 were black. Last year, there were more young black men in jail than college in every state. That’s a context.

RUSH: It’s a context. He didn’t repeat it, and he apologized for a week. I don’t know what it means. Don’t ask me what it means. I’m not translating stuff here. I’m just letting you hear it. (interruption) Yeah, well, I know, because I understand Jesse Jackson, I followed it. I know exactly what he’s saying. What he’s trying to say is that when he called New York ‘Hymietown,’ that that was a singular instance, that it was not part of a pattern, and the perp here has engaged in a pattern of this kind of stuff — and then, changing the subject, knowing full well he’d be allowed to because he has already been apologized to for the Hymietown remark being brought up, then he went on to talk about how there aren’t enough blacks in the final four even though it’s a black game, basketball, you had 132 blacks freshmen admitted light year to UCLA, out of the whole student body, that’s nothing. Of Final Four teams, 26,000 freshmen, those four schools, 2,000 were black, it’s discrimination still going on out there. There’s a lack of equality for it, and of course the perp is responsible for this because the perp after all these years of continuously making fun of black people has made them think they can’t go to college. Here’s one more. Grab number seven. Let’s see. This is last night on Hardball, and David Gregory (frequent Imus guest, by the way) was interviewing the Reverend Jackson, and Gregory says, ‘You say there isn’t any diversity to NBC. I don’t know if that’s quite a fair charge.’

JACKSON: Show me an MSNBC show hosted by a black.

GREGORY: Allison Stewart is one of our hosts during the day, yes.

JACKSON: Uh, name one. I mean, there’s Scarborough and there is you and there is Chris [Matthews] and there’s not a single show on either network I might add. MSNBC, CNN: all day, all night, all white.

RUSH: You can throw Fox in there. That’s the translation of the previous comment. ‘MSNBC, CNN: all day, all night, all white.’ So I’m just telling you, this whole instance here with the suspect with the perp is going to be used to broaden the attack against all these other networks on the basis of inequality. This is how this game works, and when you play the game by groveling and apologize left and right and you just set the clock, because everybody’s going to want this to go away. (interruption) It is catchy. Reverend Jackson comes up with great rhymes. ‘MSNBC, CNN: all day, all night, all white.’ By the way, let’s add to this. We could say ‘MSNBC, CNN: all liberal, all day, all night, all white.’


RUSH: One of the points on all this that I have been making brilliantly today — and if you haven’t understood it, it’s your problem because I have been brilliant on this — is that the media is complicit in this, and the media has known all along what goes on here, and the media has double standards and hypocrisy, and they are reeking of it on all of this. One of the things I’ve been trying to get people to realize is that the media is now harping all over Bush for whatever he does, and now the perp and whatever he said. The two guys that get a total pass are the Reverend Jackson and the Reverend Sharpton, and I have an excerpt here from Salon.com, and this is by Jake Tapper when he worked at Salon. Now he’s at ABC News. This is August 17th of 2000. This is during convention time, and this is the excerpts, and the headline of the column is: ‘Black-Jewish Tension: Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell — Neither Democrats nor the media want to talk about past — or current — tensions between blacks and Jews.

‘It’s tough to imagine this year’s Republican National Convention featuring a prime-time speaker who once said that that ‘Zionism is a kind of poisonous weed that is choking Judaism.’ Or that he was ‘sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust.’ Or that traditional Democratic support for Israel is because of ‘the Jewish element in the party … a kind of glorified form of bribery.’ And certainly not if he had ever referred to Jews as ‘Hymies’ and New York as ‘Hymietown.’ The Rev. Jesse Jackson, of course, has made all of these comments, and more. Jackson said those things in his 30s and 40s, and has since apologized for them. But his speech at the Democratic Convention Tuesday evening is at the very least an interesting example of the double standard that clearly exists in the media’s — and the Democratic Party’s — sensitivity to anti-Semitism.’

Bingo!!! Bing-o!!! Exclamation point, triple. Bingo!!! This is the point that I have been trying to make. The Democrats embrace all this stuff, or they don’t reject it, except when conservatives say it. The Republican Party would not have somebody who had said those things show up on a podium and address the party on national television, but there was the Reverend Jackson. He’s a regular attendee, a regular speaker at the Democrat National Convention — and this is what’s sort of fun about this one because this is lib versus lib. To watch them get themselves into all these contortions over this is fascinating, and they’re all shocked. They’re just stunned, even though they’ve been party to it for the last ten years by going on the program, singing its praises, creating all the buzz about it. They’re stunned, they’re shocked, and now they’re all out there giving advice. ‘You better calm down, perp! You better not do that. You’re going to have credibility problems.’ Jeff Greenfield, Howard Fineman, all these guys sat around and watched and heard all this stuff sitting right there on the show.

Now all of a sudden that the excrement has hit the fan, guess who’s giving the advice to how to straighten this out? You know what? There’s something I gotta say. I hope I’m not going to get my friend in trouble here, but Phil Mushnick, who writes a brilliant column in the New York Post sports section on Friday, Sunday, Monday, every week, has been on this for the longest time about the double standard that exists on this show and not just these political guests. His theory is that a lot of these guests come on and say these outrageous things to spare the host and his crew from having to say them, and still get them said, and this time no guest said it. The perp said it, and all hell’s broken loose.

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