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RUSH: Well, poor old Rudy Giuliani. He got tricked into going on the Price and Right, and didn’t know the price. The usual setup questions from the Drive-By Media. They asked him what a loaf of bread costs, and a gallon of milk was, and he didn’t know. He hadn’t stepped into a grocery store lately. So there’s a little bit of embarrassment out there. I don’t know what he said bread was, but he said a gallon of milk was a buck fifty. How many of you really know the price? No, no, no, no! I mean really know the price of a loaf of bread or of a gallon of milk? I’m not talking about how many of you remember what it cost the last time you bought it. The fact of the matter is, most people, when they go to the grocery store, it doesn’t matter what it costs because they have to have it. You’ve gotta have milk, and of course you’ve gotta have bread, the so-called staff of life. You buy it, whatever it costs. It’s like gasoline, you buy it. Now, you remember the gasoline cost because that’s a little political there, but most people would have to search their memory banks.

The point they were trying to make with Rudy was, ‘Well, he doesn’t get to the store, and that means he can’t represent America as a president; why, he hasn’t been a real guy, doesn’t go to the grocery store.’ But my question is: how many of you really know what the price of a gallon of milk is and a loaf of bread? Not what it is in the grocery store. For example, how much does a gallon of milk really cost? If you factor out the taxes, federal and state; if you factor out the subsidies to the farmers; if the factor out the transportation costs, what does a gallon of milk really cost? Is it like gasoline, where the feds get some, I don’t know, 17 cents a gallon in tax and the states get 28 cents? Is it true as in gasoline? Do you know the federal government makes more profit on gasoline than the oil companies do, because they don’t have any costs? They don’t have any R&D. They don’t have any drilling. They don’t have any distribution costs. They’re just thieves. Every time the gallon of gas goes up and you people start getting crazy and making all kinds of catcall noises out there about the oil company profits, stop and think.

For state and local governments, every penny is profit, and the more the price goes up, the more they benefit. Well, is that true in milk, I wonder? Does the government profit more from the sale of a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk than the actual manufacturers, producers and distributors of those products? Even if they don’t in this case, because they’re food items may not be federal tax on it, there’s local sales tax on some of these things in several states, but the point is how many of you really know what the cost of these things are? By the time you subsidize the farmers and factor in all these other things, what is the real cost? ‘Rush, you’re skirting the issue, trying to save Rudy.’ No! No, no. I’m trying to illustrate a point, folks. Do you think Rudy Giuliani needs people to bail him out on The Price is Right? It’s just a typical trick question from the Drive-Bys, and it has no practical relevancy to the election and primaries or whatever coming up. (interruption). What’s so funny in there? Just ask the wife? Oh, that’s a real sexist comment! That’s a real sexist comment. So Rudy should have just asked his wife what it cost? (Laughing.) I’ll bet she hasn’t been to the grocery store in a longer period of time than Rudy. That’d be my guess.


RUSH: I have a better question than what a loaf of bread costs or a gallon of milk costs. It’s a tired, age-old question. Reporters need to come up with a new question, such as, ‘What do you think one of Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits cost?’ and the answer to that is, ‘Well, I’m not sure, but it’s probably pretty cheap since she probably buys them by the gross.’ Ask Hillary what…. (interruption) You don’t like that comment, Dawn? She’s smirking in there. Ooh! Maybe I hit a nerve. Okay, if you don’t like that, ask Hillary what one of her pantsuits costs and see if she knows. Well, if you’re going to ask Rudy about all this kind of stuff…

You know the neighbor of John Edwards, this Monty Johnson guy that Elizabeth Edwards says is a slummer and his property is a slum, his 42 acres and this ‘rabid, rabid Republican,’ that she would never want to meet or talk to? She wants to keep her kids away from the guy. He’s gotta sell his property because the property taxes doubled because the Edwards built this monstrosity of a mansion across the street from him or down the road from him, and somebody asked Edwards about this, ‘Well, you gotta ask my wife. Ask Elizabeth about that.’ So I guess Elizabeth is out there protecting the homestead. So your question’s good, Brian. Rudy should have just said, ‘Go ask Judith about that. I’ve got more things to be concerned about than what I pay for a loaf of bread,’ or what have you.

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