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RUSH: I just want to run a little thought by you regarding the Duke lacrosse case. It might be a stretch, but it’s still illustrative, because you could say that we have more to thank the North Carolina attorney general for than just the Duke lacrosse ruling. Not only did he declare those three lacrosse players ‘innocent,’ not only did he return justice to the justice system, not only did he expose lockstep liberals and the PC tyrants, but he might have also helped in a strange sort of way, the United States’ war effort in Iraq. Now, I know some of you people… Look, the broadcast engineer, just said, ‘What? Don’t tell me he’s lost his mind in the second hour. There’s still two hours to go.’ You say, ‘What does Duke have to do with the war in Iraq,’ right? See? That’s why I’m the host. This is why I am the host and others aren’t the host. Now, stay with me on this. For 13 months, you have seen how the media created ‘truth’ without facts. In other words, you’ve seen how the media lied. You have seen how the media created, in the minds of millions of Americans, a ‘truth’ without a single fact.

You have seen how the liberal mind-set connected dots that didn’t exist. You have seen the Drive-By Media inject buzzwords, like ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ and ‘privilege.’ You have seen the Drive-By Media try to influence you with this whole ‘America is inherently racist; America is inherently evil.’ That’s what we have seen throughout the Duke lacrosse case throughout the Drive-By Media, forgetting for a moment the 88 faculty members and the administration at Duke, just focusing on the media. For 13 months, without a single fact, without dots being connected that didn’t exist, injecting buzzwords like ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ and ‘privilege,’ they repeated it and repeated it and repeated it until they started believing it themselves. Actually, they believed it from the get-go, without a single fact. Now, folks, this is profound here. Without a single fact, not one! We know there wasn’t a single fact now because of the actions of the North Carolina attorney general. Without a single fact, they had millions of Americans believing something that had not happened, did happen. They had millions of people believing in guilt where there was none.

Now, if the left, if the Drive-By Media can have their way with your mind about Duke University and the lacrosse players, and you don’t need DNA to show that you’ve been violated. If they’ve done that in North Carolina, could they be doing that with any number of other stories like the way they cover — if I may make it personal — me, for example. Well, I know they do it with me. I know that over half, if not more, of the garbage that I see about myself in the Drive-By Media is factually incorrect! It’s full of presumption, based on a template that is rooted in envy and hatred of conservative success. If they can do it with the Duke lacrosse players, if they can do it with me and they can do it with any number of people, do you think they might have been able to pull off the same thing about the news in Iraq? We have had so many created truths, we have had so many liberal clichés, so much PC claptrap repeated and repeated, as though we’ve never lost this many soldiers in a war before, as though we’ve never screwed up this badly in a war before, as though there was never any reason for this war because the president of the United States is the equivalent of Hitler.

And he lied, and he wanted people to die so he and Cheney and Halliburton could get oil, and this has come to be accepted as gospel truth by millions of Americans because they’ve been pummeled with it for over four years, day in and day out. Now, they don’t have the power they used to. Cronkite was able to defeat the United States in the Vietnam War in one day. It’s taken the Drive-Bys four years of pummeling on cable at night, the New York Times every day, and ad infinitum. But they have created with their false reporting and their presumptuousness, a false image in the minds of millions of Americans. It has been repeated and repeated by the Drive-By Media. Now, this is the stretch. The stretch is maybe, after this Duke business, and after the media creation of ‘truths without facts,’ a truth without a single fact, people have now seen how the liberal mind-set works. It connects dots where there are no dots. It creates the dots and then connects them. Perhaps, America will start asking, just as Americans are going to start asking about the criminal justice system, as Americans will no doubt now — there’s no choice in the matter, human nature being what it is, the next time some law enforcement source, next time some prosecutor comes up with the goods, the next time some DA runs up, people will say, ‘Ah, I wonder if this is true.’

In the past, with law enforcement, journalism, a number of institutions say something, it’s regarded as gospel, especially if it’s in print. If it’s in print, people believe it. ‘I read it in the paper,’ they say. ‘Yeah, I read it in the paper. It can’t be false if it’s in the paper.’ Law enforcement benefits the same way. When they say something, people just accept it. ‘Why would they waste time going after people aren’t guilty?’ It’s a natural human reaction to have. Now people are going to wonder next time some charges. Particularly in similar circumstances, people are going to wonder about this. So it is a hope of mine and an effort that we will participate in here robustly to create this same doubt when the Drive-By Media starts reporting on the Iraq war, starts reporting on Republican presidential candidates. Because, folks, it’s the intelligent thing to do: doubt them. The intelligent and wise thing to do is not believe what’s in the paper, not believe what you see on cable news reported as news, not believe it. It’s healthy to have suspicion. Confirm it for yourself. And that’s the stretch. Admittedly it’s a stretch, but this case and the way it transpired down in Durham, North Carolina, might have some ancillary benefit in terms of the way the American people look at the Drive-By Media in general.


RUSH: New Jersey, this is Peggy. Peggy, nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I have a prediction in the Duke case, and my prediction is the media and the accuser are going to escape all responsibility because the media is going to spin it that society is inherently evil and so it’s society’s fault that she had to dance for a living because of all the inequality and they perpetuated this, these boys, by hiring her to dance after being born affluent because they were born affluent, and therefore it’s going to be their fault.

RUSH: Wait a minute. When you say escape accountability, or responsibility, how were they ever held accountable?

CALLER: They’re not because the media is not going to hold themselves accountable.

RUSH: Well, but they are. The New York Times is losing money. The New York Times stock price is down, there’s panic over there. They’re losing subscribers. All newspapers are. The networks, the drive-by networks, the three networks that do news, the viewership is getting older and older and older and less and less — smaller and smaller and smaller. There is accountability, they still have a lot of power, but what you’re really saying is the media is never going to admit its mistakes, and that you’re right about, and they’re going to continue to cover their rear ends just as you say.

CALLER: And I think that — unfortunately, then, the Iraq connection will never be made, that if they’re willing to do this to these boys, and maybe they’re giving also this misinformation or —

RUSH: Yeah, but see, look, you can’t look at it that way. I talked about this earlier in the program. Now that this Duke case has happened where the DA was wrong, all these institutions that have all this credibility, law enforcement in North Carolina, Drive-By Media, they were all wrong. They were connecting dots that didn’t exist, they were pronouncing guilt without one fact. I’m telling you, consumers of news know this, and there are more people that distrust the media today than you think, Peggy, and there are going to be more after this. These things are incremental and they take time. There’s not one instance that’s going to totally discredit the media. They’ve been in the process of being discredited now since 1988 in a concerted way, and it’s happening, but it’s slow.

But believe me, the Iraq thing, I mean they’ve had four years head start on that. You got four years of pummeling the falsehoods of Iraq, not doing one story on heroism or valor of the uniformed armed forces over there. You can’t expect one media screw-up to cause people to question what they’ve been hearing for four years everywhere. But there will be doubt out there now. These things happen this way. There are more people that distrust the media today than ever before. And it’s going to keep growing. Don’t be fatalistic about this. You just can’t expect these people to grow up and say, ‘You know what, we’re wrong. We made a big mistake.’ They do it. They put it on the back page, you never see it, and they do it one paragraph correction on a 10,000 word story they did.

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