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RUSH: Well, I’m looking at the Drudge page, and Drudge is on this in the right way. He has a picture of the shooter up there, and the headline is: ‘You caused me to do this,’ in quotes, which is a reference to this guy’s note, blaming ‘rich kids’ and ‘American debauchery.’ Of course, the Drive-By Media says, ‘Oh, wow, does that fit a template! Yes, yes, yes! We’ve got poverty and we’ve got rich people and we have people who have a lot and people that don’t have much, and we’ve got a debauched society, culture — and, of course, we can understand why the guy might have flipped. Yes, yes, because America is unjust.’ Again, the question needs to be asked, ‘If it’s so bad here, why didn’t this guy pack up and go back home?’ He was here for 14 years! From RedState.com: Liberal ‘Rep. Jim Moran who, less than ’24 hours after the deadliest shooting spree in U.S. history’ took to the airwaves to launch a political attack against President Bush, congressional Republicans and the National Rifle Association…. Moran suggested Republicans were to blame for Monday’s tragedy at Virginia Tech, which left 33 dead and injured another 30.

‘The anti-gun congressman said Republican policies made it easy for the shooter to obtain a gun.’ The serial numbers were filed off of these two guns, were they not? Well, now, I’m going to tell you: if you file the serial numbers off your gun, it means you have evil intent in your mind and your heart, and there is no gun control law, period, that is going to stop you. Grab audio sound bite 18 again. If you’re just joining us, I want you to go back and listen to Ed Rendell, the governor of Pennsylvania, talking about the Amish tragedy, the shooting there in Pennsylvania last fall. This is from October of last year. The reporter said, ‘Governor Rendell, do you see any need for any changes in state public schools in terms of security?’

RENDELL: You can make all the changes you want, but you can never stop a random act of violence by a person who is intent on killing themselves. It’s the same thing as protecting the president of the United States. You can have 50 Secret Service agents there, but if someone is willing to swap their life for the president’s, they’re going to get a point-blank shot at the president.

RUSH: I wonder if he’ll be a guest on any Drive-By shows this afternoon or tonight. I wouldn’t look for governor Rendell to be invited on some of these shows because he’s not — at least with that comment, unless he changed his mind, he’s not — going to fit the template of the propaganda the Drive-By Media is using this incident to promote. Remember this: the two biggest acts of terrorism in this country occurred with box cutters, pocketknives, gasoline, and fertilizer. That would be 9/11 and Oklahoma City, and everybody knows it. I’ll tell you something else: killers know that it is a crime to kill people, and they don’t care! I really resent this. I caught myself even falling into the trap toward the end of the previous hour. I resent the fact we even have to debate the whole concept of gun control, and the Drive-Bys have taken over, and that’s exactly all this issue represents to them is an opportunity once again to propagandize about the Second Amendment, and it happens every time some nutcase kills people. Now, interestingly enough, it didn’t happen when Janet Reno conducted the Waco invasion.

When the Waco invasion against the Branch Davidians took place, there was no Drive-By commentary on excess use of force by government on its own citizens, because the Drive-Bys thought they were a bunch of religious wackos, and Janet Reno said they were abusing children in there. So the way to solve this is burn everybody down and burn everything that they were in, up! Every time some nutcase goes out and kills people, that becomes secondary to the agenda-driven item that is gun control. You have uninformed people talking about, ‘What do we do about these automatic weapons,’ and how we need an honest dialogue. You have Howard Fineman out there saying yeah, yeah, this is going to reignite the gun control debate. Virginia is the headquarters of the NRA, home to loose gun laws and so forth. They’re going to ‘ignite the debate,’ as though they’re just bystanders who are just watching and there’s going to be a debate that crops up. I’m sure some leftists groups will start the debate again. They, too, will take advantage of the opportunity to do that, but the Drive-Bys will act like, ‘Hey, we’re just bystanders watching this.’ They’re going to be the instigators of the ‘debate.’

So we gotta focus on handguns. We gotta do all this. We gotta get ahead of this now, as though all of this is going to make a difference — and it wouldn’t. Howard Fineman also said that there’s ‘something about this event that adds to the sense in the country that things have run off the rails.’ Everybody in the country is just all upset. The country is on the wrong track and so forth. Of course, that’s aimed at Bush being the president. That’s also another template: people are unhappy. People are uneasy. People are nervous and so forth. I don’t get the sense that people think the country has run off the rails. That’s what they want to happen! That’s what they want the perception to be. So, I don’t know how many others have taken the tack I’ve taken today, but I watched some of this last night and this morning, and to me there was only one way to go, and that’s to try to bring some sanity to this where there isn’t much. There is no sanity whatsoever in the confines of the event itself. There’s very little sanity in the way this is being reported. You have campaigns for Pulitzer Prizes being waged now by Drive-By Media reporters who see Katrina II, and they’re out there doing exactly what they did then.

As I say, last week they were after the First Amendment: Don Imus. Look, they got Katrina wrong. They got the whole Imus situation wrong. Now they’re getting this wrong, because they let their elitism and their liberalism blind them from doing their jobs. All these media that went on Imus and wouldn’t stand up for him and so forth, ran for the tall grass? That’s the Drive-By Media. The Drive-Bys are the Imus media. I want to throw a little thought out there, folks. We’re all talking now about — well, some people are — we need more gun control laws. We need make sure that people can’t get guns and so forth. There’s going to be a convocation at two o’clock, 46 minutes from now, and there will be prayers, and there have been prayers ever since the first word of this was reported yesterday morning and all through the day. That’s fine. Don’t misunderstand me here. But perhaps we could have done a little of that prior to the incident as well. The Drive-Bys want to go back and take a look at the gun control laws and say, ‘Well, that’s where the problem exists.’ Were I to say to a Drive-By Media person, were he or she on this show, I can imagine the reaction I would get.

Maybe there needs to be more religion and prayer at our universities, folks. Maybe there needs to be a sense on college campuses that there’s something bigger than the individual. Maybe there’s something larger than the professor. Maybe they’re not too young to learn that there are many things in life larger than self, and maybe being able to take comfort in a relationship with that which is larger than self ( i.e., God) would have a calming effect on some of these people who go absolutely nuts and lose their sanity. But that’s even arguable. But can you imagine the leftists hearing me say this now: More prayer, more religion at our university? ‘Separation of church and state!’ would be the template there. ‘What are you trying to do? You’re trying to force a religion on people!’ No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no! You don’t understand. You can’t possibly because you’re irreligious. But it’s no different than going out and saying, ‘Hey, we need gun control,’ after the fact.

Again, I’m going to repeat this. I think this is profound. I think it’s salient. This guy is on a student visa for 14 years. I don’t know if illegally here or not. That’s not my point. But maybe we need to examine the student visa program. Maybe what we ought to do, is make sure from now on that no foreign students get into this country to go to school. They obviously don’t understand our culture. They can’t deal with it. They go wacko. They go nuts. Doesn’t that make as much sense as saying, ‘Let’s ban all guns’? In fact, let’s close the borders. Let’s ban all immigration, legal and illegal. The guy was from South Korea! He was from South Korea, living here for 14 years, in a country he didn’t like very much, it turns out. (He didn’t go home, but he didn’t like the country.) So if we’re going to say, ‘Let’s ban all guns,’ let’s close the borders and ban all immigration, and let’s eliminate the student visa program. Let’s get rid of all foreign students. We can’t have them here! Does that make sense? That makes as much sense, doesn’t it, as the Drive-By argument on guns?


RUSH: Let me throw this out again. Maybe there’s not enough religion, maybe there’s not enough prayer on college campus these days. Yeah, yeah. ‘Well, come on, Rush! Why do you want to try to make this controversial?’ I’m not making it controversial. I’m reacting to the Drive-Bys who want to get rid of everybody’s guns here when it’s not a factor in this. It has no relationship whatsoever. Gun control to whatever degree, would not have stopped anything that happened at V Tech yesterday. But that doesn’t matter. What happened was not really of any importance to the Drive-Bys or many on the left. It’s just, ‘Wow, what an opportunity has fallen into our lap for gun control! We can finally go close the NRA,’ or what have you. Well, I’ll tell you what, maybe the liberals and their culture of death is the problem, folks. There is a culture of death with liberalism, from abortion on. Embryonic stem cells, you name it, euthanasia? They own that as well as they own defeat in Iraq. Maybe the instant effort to ban God and faith from the public square is a problem here. Maybe the coddling of criminals by liberals, including judges, has created this environment.

Maybe, maybe, maybe!

See? I can sit here and speculate all day long, just as the Drive-Bys were doing all yesterday and last night. Maybe it’s not enough God. Maybe it’s the culture of death on the part of the left. Maybe there needs to be more religion in the public square. Maybe the tarring and feathering of religious people, which happens in the Democrat Party and the American left, is responsible for this. We can play this game all day long. I’m telling you, this happened because we had a nutcase who had some sort of grievance somewhere, and we can sit here and blame aspects of this country all we want — and if we fall into that trap, we are going to be making a huge, huge mistake. There’s already enough guilt in this country that the libs have slathered everybody with over the prosperity and the other things in this country that liberals tell us we need to be guilty of, and this is just going to be added to it.

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