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RUSH: I asked last hour, ‘How many of you are desensitized to this? How many of you, when it first happened — and even now, as the details are pouring in, how many of you — find yourselves desensitized to this?’ If some of you are, let me offer a possible explanation. From the moment this started happening, from the moment the details began pouring in, the Drive-By Media reporting this didn’t cover this as a human massacre, a human tragedy.

They covered this as a political thing, in a political way. They immediately saw an opportunity here to start advancing their agenda — in this case gun control — and that causes people to say, ‘Okay, wait a minute. You’re gonna start making this into politics? Well, I’m going to defend my side on this.’ So what you have is both sides defending a political decision in the midst of a massacre. So if there’s any desensitization that is taking place out there, in part it could be because of the way that this whole event has been covered and continues to be covered, and we discussed all that throughout the program today, such as the killer’s note about rich kids, debauched American society and so forth. That will fit somebody’s template before long, once they get tired of the gun control. I’ve seen reporters asking some of the students at V Tech, ‘Well, does it remind you of Katrina?’ I’ll tell you something: in this circumstance, their feelings are entirely relevant to explore. That’s what this is about! But the feelings are what get desensitized because of the political nature of the coverage.

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