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Rush’s Morning Update: Evil
April 17, 2007
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Even before the Virginia Tech killer was identified, drive-by journalists- here and abroad- were eagerly condemning America. A Reuters article opens: “Foreign politicians and media attacked America’s ‘gun culture’ on Tuesday after a gunman killed 32 people in the country’s worst shooting rampage.”

Le Monde, the French daily, writes: “This new tragedy presents a new opportunity for American public opinion to interrogate itself about a society whichis very much responsible for what has happened.” Of course, genuine grief is being expressed by people of goodwill. But the left, worldwide, has no qualms about using any horrible event to advance their political agenda- in this instance, attacking American society, and especially constitutionally protected gun ownership.

This mass murder is by definition a reprehensible act of a madman. Yet what happens, when hundreds of thousands of innocent lives are snuffed out by ruthless dictators for years on end, as was the case in Saddam’s Iraq? There are no international “convocations” or candlelight vigils when car bombs kill 30 or 40 people a day- attending school, weddings, or simply shopping in the market- when the murdering madmen belong to al Qaeda, or other terror groups.

What happened in Virginia is unadulterated evil, which doesn’t have a mere political agenda. Defending ourselves from evil shouldn’t have a political agenda, either. Evil is evil if it’s a campus gunman or a campaign of organized terror. And aggressively confronting and defeating evil is the only response; not exploiting it as a way to weaken American citizens.

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