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“You have to understand that when it comes to the abortion issue, to the left it’s a political issue. It’s pure political power. To those ofus on the right, it is an issue of life. It is an issue of morality.”

“A school classroom or dormitory is not the same as being on a plane after 9/11. I guarantee you, if somebody else were to try this at Virginia Tech, now that this has happened, there would be a different behavioral pattern by people.”

“Who at MSNBC should resign to allow a minority to have a primetime show?”

“The Drive-By Media and the left are going to start pummeling Anthony Kennedy because he made it clear in this decision that his mind can be changed. So they’re going to start working on him.”

“They’re going to have the media talking about, ‘Oh, no, Bush has created this extremist right-wing court.’ Keep in mind that neither Roberts nor Alito wrote this decision.Anthony Kennedy did, and it was 5-4.”

“I’ve talked to a bunch of people on all sides of this today. There’s no question it is an important victory, but it’s a narrow one, both in terms of the 5-4 vote and the reasoning.”

“It is not a landmark decision, and it is not sweeping. It’s a small victory, and as the liberals would say about gun control” ‘Hey, if it saves even one life, it’s worth it,’ right? So we can turn around and use their own philosophy on them.”

“The left is going to go nuts here and describe this as the beginning of the end.”

“The court, in upholding the federal statute here, left the issue to be decided by the people through their elected representatives. They allowed the democratic process to work. All these are positive signs, because the court’s proper role is to apply the law, not make it up from the bench.”

“All kinds of medical advances are taking place. It used to be that before Week X, there was no chance of a baby surviving outside the womb, but that Week X is continually moving back closer to the point of conception.”

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