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RUSH: You have to hear this audio. You have to hear this. Barbara Boxer yesterday at the National Press Club.

BOXER: I know this is a very hard and emotional week (groans) given everything that’s happened: continuing violence in Iraq, horrific; the terrible news about (groans) the accident that our good, dear friend Governor Corzine is suffering from; the Virginia Tech tragedy that brings back in — almost in a posttraumatic stress way to many of us the violence that exists too — far too much in our society; and today a Supreme Court decision that I believe endangers, uh, women’s health; and, of course, the global warming challenge.

RUSH: You heard right! ‘Global warming’ gets lumped in with all of the things that have rocked her world this week. Corzine driving 91 miles per hour, not wearing a seat belt, is in the same category as a killer shooting 32 students and teachers in a university setting — which is like global warming? Did you note she’s upset at the partial-birth abortion decision yesterday? Which if you take what she says and what she means literally, you have to conclude that Barbara Boxer says that killing babies is okay, but killing college students is bad! She’s upset that there has been a limit on this horrific practice of partial-birth abortion. Oh, that’s horrible! It’s in the same ballpark as killing college students and Corzine’s accident. What else did she mention? Oh! The continuing violence in Iraq, and global warming. Now, honestly, folks, let me ask you a question. How many of you would ever, regardless what you think of global warming, ever equate the two? How many of you have had it on your mind this week, given all that has happened? But this is who these people are.

It is nothing but doom and gloom. Comparing the shootings at Virginia Tech to losing the right to kill a baby halfway out of the womb, and they wonder why there’s no respect for human life in this country? I heard this, this morning. I didn’t know whether to laugh, but I did laugh. I was just stunned. I was stunned. Each time I say I’m stunned by what some liberal says, I keep telling myself, ‘You shouldn’t be stunned,’ because I’m the one who knows these people! I know these people better than anybody who’s not one of them, and nothing they do should surprise me.

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