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RUSH: Dingy Harry, Harry Reid, ‘the Senate majority leader was among those who denounced yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling upholding the federal partial-birth abortion ban.’ Here’s what he said: ”A lot of us wish that Alito weren’t there, and O’Connor was there.’ Indicating his desire that there had been a fifth vote to invalidate the statute as Justice O’Connor had provided the fifth vote to invalidate Nebraska’s partial-birth abortion ban in a previous case.’ But here’s the interesting thing. Dingy Harry ‘voted for the statute that the Supreme Court upheld.’

Well, now, what are we to make of this? Dingy Harry VOTED FOR the partial-birth abortion ban the Supreme Court more or less upheld. When asked about it by a reporter he said, ‘A lot of us wish Alito weren’t there and O’Connor were there.’ Now, what does this say about Harry Reid? He votes for a law that the court upholds, then denounces the court for upholding it by attacking one of the justices who voted to uphold it. Does this make any sense? Alito didn’t even write the decision! He voted for it, but Kennedy wrote the decision. Somebody needs to ask Harry Reid why in the world he sounds like such a buffoon. He also voted to ban partial-birth abortion back in 1999. Folks, it’s pure politics! Not even the issue of life is something sacred to these people. The template after yesterday’s decision was, ‘Oh, my God, we can’t have any more Alitos!’ This comment by Dingy Harry is to set up the next battle for whoever might be nominated in case there’s a vacancy. He votes for the same law the court upholds, and he’s lamenting the fact that they upheld the law. That is dishonest. It is disingenuous. But more than that, it is just plain, pure, political trickery.

Dingy Harry also today said, ‘The war in Iraq ‘is lost’ and a US troop surge is failing to bring peace to the country. ‘I believe … that this war is lost, and this surge is [failing], as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week.” He said this the same day that President Bush was giving a speech at an Ohio town hall meeting ‘defending the war on terror.’ You have heard me say that the Democrats are invested in defeat. They own it. They have the deed. There is no cosigner. They didn’t take out a mortgage. They own it outright. They want us to lose, and they tell me I’m coarsening the culture? They want this country humiliated. They want our military made a mockery of. They want our president a laughingstock around the country. They tell me I’m coarsening the culture! We always hear from these people, ‘The rest of the world hates us!’ The rest of the world hates us because of Democrats and the division that they have created in this country that the rest of the world sees. The people who might have problems with it are comforted and aided in airing whatever it is they disagree with us about, because the Democrats of this country give the leadership and cover!

If the Democrats in this country and the media are going to do stories about how Bush ought to be assassinated, and here’s how to do it in a book, that Bush is an idiot. He’s a cowboy. He’s a frat boy, whatever he is, that unprecedented numbers of US soldiers are dying every day for no reason. Bush is this. Bush is that. Well, anybody around the world who also hates us is going to find great comfort and courage in speaking out the same way. So this notion that we have lost our reputation in the world? I lay it at the feet of the Democrat Party in this country and the Drive-By Media and the entire American left. I don’t hear myself, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, Mark Levin, or anybody else ripping this country on a day-to-day basis! I don’t hear us trying to divide people of this country into various camps. I hear the exact opposite. I hear love for country. I hear upbeat optimism. I hear can-do spirit. I hear, ‘There’s no limit to what you can accomplish in this country.’ That’s what we talk about here. We try to inspire and motivate people. Nobody on the left is trying to inspire or motivate anything other than hatred, and they’ve done a damn good job. Read their blogs. They have some of the most despicable, obscene stuff coming from American citizens I’ve ever seen in my life, and it’s only getting worse — and they, the Democrat Party, are sponsoring it. They are motivating it. They are inspiring it, and they are rewarding it, by validating the authenticity and the legitimacy of a bunch of insane lunatics. Tell me that my buddies and me on talk radio are coarsening the culture? I’ll give you another example. Alberto Gonzales went up before the Judiciary Committee today with Leahy, and here’s a portion of Leahy’s opening statement.

LEAHY: An investigation that’s fair has already pulled back the curtain to reveal unbridled political meddling, Katrina-style cronyism, and unfettered White House unilateralism directed at one of our most precious national assets: our law enforcement and our legal system.

RUSH: We’re tired.

LEAHY: Just as respect for the United States as a leader in human rights has been diminished during the last six years, the current actions have served to undercut confidence in our United States attorneys.

RUSH: This is absolute BS. There’s no ‘lack of confidence in US attorneys.’ This is pure politics. You know, the great illustration of this? Dianne Feinstein, years ago, wrote letters of complaint to the justice department about a US attorney in San Diego, Carol Lam because she wasn’t prosecuting enough illegal immigrant cases. Well, just like Dingy Harry voted for a law the Supreme Court upholds and he’s all upset about that, Dianne Feinstein is now joining the chorus. ‘It was unfair to get rid of Carol Lam! It was unfair to be critical of her!’ She started it! Now, what is this business of civil rights around the world? What’s this got to do with Gonzales being up there to talk about the US attorney thing? There’s not a crime that’s been committed here, not one crime, and Leahy would have to admit it as many Democrats have. But, of course, it’s not about that! It’s about ‘the seriousness of the charge.’ It’s about politicizing our legal system. Politicizing our legal system? Look at the way these people conduct judicial hearings! Politicizing the judiciary? The White House has sought to destroy nobody’s reputation, nobody’s career. The Democrats can’t wait to tell the world, from Kennedy and Bork on forward, about what a bunch of reprobates nominees are.

The conservatives just sit around and take it. Well, that’s the lay of the land these days, and they get away with this kind of rotgut from Leahy. This is nothing but a bunch of lies, pure politics. Katrina-style cronyism? Political meddling? It was Chuck Schumer who kept Fitzgerald’s investigation alive, demanding updates now and then to know why more progress wasn’t made in getting Scooter Libby or Rove indicted or even Cheney! You can make book on it: when Democrats start complaining and moaning about something, they are the ones that are doing it themselves or have done it. Now, here’s an exchange, and of course the only reason I have this is because the Drive-By Media put it on television today. So this is their definition of fairness. So you have Leahy and a couple other Democrats questioning Gonzales. Then you go to a ‘Republican’ to show ‘balance,’ but who do you go to? Arlen Specter! So the Drive-Bys could say, ‘Well, we had a Republican on there commenting on Gonzales. We had Leahy and so forth, so we’re balanced.’ Here’s the exchange. Specter says, ‘Do you prepare for all your press conferences? Were you prepared for the press conference where you said there weren’t any discussions involving you?’

GONZALES: Senator, I’ve already said that I misspoke. It was my mistake.

SPECTER: Were you — I’m asking you, were you prepared? You interjected that you’re always prepared. Were you prepared for that press conference?

GONZALES: Sir, I didn’t say I was ‘always prepared.’ I said I prepared for every hearing.

SPECTER: Well, then I’m asking you, do you prepare for your press conferences?

GONZALES: Senator, we do take time to try to prepare for the press conferences.

SPECTER: And were you prepared when you said you weren’t involved in any deliberations?

GONZALES: Senator, I’ve already conceded that I misspoke at that press conference. There was nothing intentional.

RUSH: See? It’s crime to not prepare for press conferences — and that’s the Republican! So the Drive-Bys put this on, ‘Oh, we’ve been fair. We’ve been fair. We had a Republican questioning him.’ I bet you could find other Republicans who didn’t take this tack at all. Now, CNN This Morning Live. The anchor is Heidi Collins and Tony Harris, are discussing these hearings with their legal beagle, Jeffrey Toobin, and Bruce Fein, who is a former associate deputy US attorney general. Collins, the anchorette, says, ‘Hey, Jeffrey, is it surprising to you, then, to hear Arlen Specter’s tone?’

TOOBIN: Well, Arlen Specter has been, historically — uh, at least in certain circumstances — kind of a maverick moderate Republican. I mean, Gonzales has gotta hold onto the Republicans today, and he’s not off to a good start with — with, uh, Specter because he keeps repeating these — these lines about, ‘Oh, I kept waiting for the consensus. I kept waiting for the consensus of my colleagues.’ I mean, is he the attorney general or not?

RUSH: Oh, come on! Consensus? We can rely on the consensus of a bunch of bought and paid for scientists to tell us we’re destroying the planet with global warming, but the attorney general can’t take the advice of associates in his office? He was waiting for a consensus. He was involving his underlings. ‘Oh, come on, consensus?’ he said. ‘Why, this, he’s the attorney general!’ Okay, George Bush is the president, and there is no global warming in his mind, so shut up from now on about it! There is no global warming. Bush says so. I say so! We don’t need consensus. By virtue of consensus this is the most powerful, most accurate radio show out there because I got more listeners than any other media figure like me. Same thing. If that can make global warming real, what I just said is real. The difference is, it is real in my case. One more before we go to the break here. Harris says to Toobin, ‘Well, what’s the grade on what you’ve seen so far?’

TOOBIN: I — I — I would say, charitably, incomplete.

HARRIS: Humph! Bruce, what’s the grade on what you’ve seen so far?

FEIN: I think they will view many of these answers as what I style ‘Clintonesque,’ as trying to parse his involvement in the Sampson review process as opposed to his other involvement.

RUSH: Wait a minute! Now not only consensus is bad, but Clintonesque is bad. I thought Clintonesque was brilliant! The Drive-Bys used to sit around and be marveling at how well he lied. They were so excited he was even talking to them, and he lied so well, they were just stunned at how well! Now Clintonesque is bad? Consensus is bad, and Clintonesque is bad? Folks, you cannot trust these people! You cannot! You need to doubt everything you hear from these people, until you can confirm it on your own, because it’s tripe.


RUSH: This business of consensus. There’s Jeffrey Toobin saying that it’s a mistake for Gonzales to say he’d been waiting on the consensus of his staff. ‘Come on, he’s attorney general!’ You realize the hypocrisy there? They are demanding consensus from Bush on the war. They’re demanding they be listened to, not just the Democrats, but the media. They call Bush strong headed and stubborn. But here in Gonzales, it’s a defect! Today it’s bad. But they demand the same behavior from Bush. Bush was slammed yesterday by Pelosi and Reid for not being willing to listen to others, when they went up there to have their little big powwow. I’ve been studying these people. I know them like the back of my hand, and I’m just amazed. Consensus on global warming? It’s fine, but it’s not good for Gonzales. They demand Bush use consensus, listen to others. (sigh) These people are a menace.

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