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RUSH: I have to tell you something, folks. I’m embarrassed, once again, by our side, some of the Republicans up in Washington. It just appears that they cannot think strategically. They have no idea how to circle the wagons around their own. Everybody on the Republican side now, along with the Democrats, wants to throw Alberto Gonzales overboard. He may be an idiot, I don’t know. He may be a weak attorney general. I think that’s why they — You know, Ashcroft was strong and Bush had to get rid of him, and now Gonzales is weak. We have to get rid of him! All this concocted stuff over the US attorneys? There’s no crime. There really isn’t even any incompetence here in the process of getting rid of the attorneys. What this is about is that Gonzales may have not remembered what happened when or where. But whatever the status of Gonzales, it’s beside the point. Why in the world is it only…? It seems, every time there’s a public demand for somebody to resign in Washington, it’s always a Republican! Let me tell you who ought to resign right now in disgrace, and it’s not Alberto Gonzales, it is Benedict Arnold Harry Reid. He said this on Capitol Hill yesterday.

REID: This war is lost, and that the surge is not accomplishing anything, as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday.

RUSH: And yesterday, last night, actually, on the Senate floor, he added to it.

REID: As long as we follow the president’s path in Iraq, the war is lost. But there is still a chance to change course, and we must change course.

RUSH: We are in the middle of the surge! You know, General Petraeus is going to be coming back. They don’t care to even talk to General Petraeus. I told you, and I’ve been mentioning, that the Democrats own defeat. They are invested in it. This is Benedict Arnold kind of behavior here: in the middle of the surge, telling US troops they don’t have a prayer, telling US troops they don’t have a chance, that they’re not capable, that it can’t get done, that we cannot win. The United States of America cannot win? This from the leader of the Democrats in the United States Senate: Benedict Arnold Reid. Now, everybody is out demanding Gonzales’ head, and a bunch of Republicans who don’t seem to understand what’s going on here, rather than circle the wagons, go along. Look at Janet Reno. Janet Reno, the Waco invasion? Talk about an incompetent boob of an attorney general! She was not only incompetent, everybody knew it — her incompetence actually cost lives.

But nobody on our side said she ought to go. They circled the wagons around her after some show trial hearings. The Democrats in Congress, John Conyers, made a show of really excoriating her, but she hung in there. The notion that Pat Leahy and Senator Schumer could defend Janet Reno, but find Alberto Gonzales lacking is the joke of the century! I was trying to think this morning, can you think of any Democrat cabinet members that have been forced to resign under Republican pressure? They may have been forced to resign because of this or that, but I couldn’t think of any. Can you think of any Clinton cabinet members, for example, who had to go? Maybe Joycelyn Elders, but that was sort of a disappointment when she went. That was just a great time. Joycelyn Elders was one of the all-time great subjects for parody and satire, but beside Joycelyn Elders, I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

I just find this shocking. I’m almost stuck for words here, to have the Senate majority leader proclaim ‘the war is lost’ in the middle of the surge, all the while his colleagues are trying to lop off the head of Alberto Gonzales. If anybody ought to be shamed, if anybody ought to be embarrassed, it’s Harry Reid today: Benedict Arnold Harry Reid. This is stunning, to undercut the mission of our troops, to undercut the morale like this. I don’t know. You people that are under 40, you may not know who Tokyo Rose is, but Tokyo Rose did the same kind of things over the radio trying to demoralize our troops in World War II, lying to them about how they had no chance and they had no prayer, and it was pure Japanese propaganda back then. Well, you could call Dingy Harry ‘Tokyo Harry,’ but Benedict Arnold Harry Reid is, I think, a more apt and fitting description. I can’t imagine what the US military feels like, all these men and women who volunteered to offer their lives in sacrifice for this country, and Dingy Harry tells them that his party and he, has little faith — no faith — in their ability at all?

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