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RUSH: Cary, North Carolina, this is Matt. Nice to have you, sir, on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, dittos to the commander-in-chief of conservatism.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir. I assume you mean me.

CALLER: That would be you.

RUSH: I appreciate that. The CIC. I love that. Yeah!

CALLER: Rush, I’m a soldier headed to Iraq. I wanted to comment. You know, it’s a sad day.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Every time that this happens, when we get somebody like you who calls here, before you say another word, I just want to say to you — on behalf of the American people, and especially in light of the despicable demoralizing statement of Harry Reid yesterday — you are appreciated, you are honored, and you are loved and everybody’s prayers will go with you.

CALLER: Rush, I appreciate the comment, and so do my comrades. It’s a sad day, as I was saying in this country when the United States Senate majority leader doesn’t have confidence in me or my comrades. We’re the ones sacrificing for victory in this war. He may call it lost —

RUSH: Matt, can I tell you the truth about it? It’s just the exact opposite. He’s scared to death you guys will win. This is what everybody knows. He’s scared to death the surge is working. They’re just taking the occasion of that bomb blast yesterday, and turning that into a domestic political event. The thing that you have to understand — I want you to tell all of your comrades this. The thing about the Democrats today — you’ve got to believe me on this — is they are scared to death that you will win. They know you’re the US military, but they have staked themselves so far out on the plank that they’re walking on defeat, because of domestic political issues, they can’t permit victory. They have to undermine victory however. If you win, there’s no way they can take credit or share in the joy, because they have purchased defeat, and they’re worried you will triumph.

CALLER: Well, Rush, I’ve got a term me and my buddies kind of throw around. You know the term ‘arachnophobia’ is a fear or loathing of spiders. We’ve come up with a term, ‘Iraq-no-phobia,’ spelled with the country Iraq which is the pathological fear or loathing of US victory in Iraq, and I would recommend that you use this term. It is my belief that Senator Harry Reid is an Iraqnophobe.

RUSH: An Iraqnophobe. This is Iraqnophobia?

CALLER: This is Iraqnophobia: the pathological fear or loathing of US victory in Iraq.

RUSH: You know, I think you nailed it: the loathing and fear of victory. I want you to understand this. I know it’s easy to conclude that Reid actually doesn’t have any confidence in you, and I know that it’s easy to conclude that the Democrats who join him in this also don’t think much of your talent, but I really don’t think that’s what they’re afraid of. I think they’re scared to death that you will prevail, and they can’t permit it. They know you’re the US military. The thing that’s outrageous about that is they’re frightened. You just nailed it with this Iraqnophobia definition. They are afraid of victory because of what it will mean to them personally in a political sense. They have no concern here for the nation or for the US military and its reputation, but your reputation is widely known. You nailed it. They fear victory. They loath it. I like that: Iraqnophobia.


RUSH: We had a call from a soldier who’s deploying to Iraq in three months, and he was angry and upset at Harry Reid proclaiming defeat, saying, ‘The war in Iraq is lost.’ Everybody’s talking about Gonzales needs to resign. Harry Reid needs to resign! Benedict Arnold Harry Reid is sabotaging victory, and I told this soldier, ‘What you have to understand is, it’s not that Reid and the boys don’t think you can win. It’s precisely because they know you can — and that, they can’t permit.’ They’re too far gone now domestically, politically, invested in defeat. They own it. If this turns around swimmingly and goes well, they are lost, and they fear their ’08 election chances will be down the tubes as well. So they somehow have to ensure defeat. The guy said, ‘Well, there’s a term for those people: Iraqnophobes. Iraqnophobia is the fear and loathing of victory in Iraq,’ and I thought that was brilliant. Lo and behold, this just hit in The Hill newspaper.

‘A two-month spending bill to cover the costs of the Iraq war is ‘very likely’ after President Bush vetoes the current Iraq spending bill, House Defense Appropriations Chairman John Murtha (D-Pa.) said Friday. House Democrats named their conferees at the beginning of this week and defeated a Republican effort to instruct them. Conferees are to meet Monday, though much of the work on the conference report has been done. The conference report is expected to include an ‘advisory’ date for the withdrawal of troops, rather than the firm September 2008 deadline included in the House version of the bill.’ This is a great illustration of what I’m talking about in terms of Iraqnophobia, what the soldier’s word is: ‘Two Month Iraq Spending Bill ‘Very Likely.” Two months! They want to make it look like they’re supporting victory, but two months, and then the president’s going to have to go back and do it all over again.

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