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RUSH: Barbara in Chicago, great to have you next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Help, help, help! I wish I could put you in my pocket and take you with me Sunday. I’m going to see An Inconvenient Truth, which is being given at a library and —

RUSH: If you’re patient, I might fit in your pocket before too long.

CALLER: (Laughs) There will be a discussion after, and I really want to know, what salient parts can I address? There’s so many.

RUSH: My first point would be, don’t go see it.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: But since you’re going, why are you going to see it? This I must know.

CALLER: Oh, well, one I haven’t seen it and I talk against it so much from what I hear and I feel that I really should see it, and get more aggravated, and these are upscale, ‘very intelligent,’ in quote, community. You know, when they had a Michael Moore last year —

RUSH: Ugh.

CALLER: — or a few years ago, right away it should go to the high schools and they fall hook, line and sinker for it.

RUSH: Ugh. You’re ruining my day. Michael Moore?

CALLER: Oh, I’m sorry.

RUSH: Well, look, here’s the thing. There are a number of tricks in this movie, and keep in mind they’re playing this for school kids all over the place, and it’s pure propaganda.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: The graphics are slick, and the audience is fawning. So it appears to be just right-down-the-middle factual.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: One thing to look out for is they make a big deal in the movie about polar bears and how their ice glaciers are melting. They come up with a computer generated graphic of stranded polar bears on the ice, to illustrate this, and this has little kids all over the country scared we’re killing the bears. We’re killing animals, their parents are, because they’re not doing enough about global warming. I think you need to take a general approach with people after this and just say something like, ‘Do you really believe this?’ and make them explain why they believe it rather than — and then when they tell you what they tell you, your education and information on this will allow you to refute what they say. You may not even discuss what’s in the movie. Some of them will say, ‘Well, the movie said this.’ Well, why do you believe that?

CALLER: Well, I’m not leading the discussion. I’m just going to be one of the viewers.

RUSH: All right, hang on. I’ve gotta take quick break here.

CALLER: Thank you, thank you.

RUSH: We’ll go into more of this when we come back.


RUSH: We’re back with Barbara in Chicago, Illinois, on Open Line Friday. Barbara, I want to understand. You’re going to go see this thing, you’re going to go see Gore’s movie. Are you going to participate in a discussion group after it?

CALLER: Well, we’re just a group of people from the community, and so somebody leads the discussion, and we all talk as we want to. So I want to wait after they’ve all said their two cents, I want to put in mine as far as on the other side of the story.

RUSH: All right, look. This is the simplest thing to do. My guess is, based on other people, the stories I’ve heard of other people watching the movie, they’re going to go (gasp!), ‘Oh, no! Oh no!’ They’re going to believe it. They’re going to think we have a crisis here. Point out that the polar bear thing is a graphic and it’s a made up, that there’s no truth. There are not melting glaciers and polar bears are not stranded.

CALLER: Is it true that the picture was the taken by a boy in Canada?

RUSH: Yeah, but that picture is not in this. They do a computer graphic of a similar picture, but that picture was taken by a woman reporter who accurately captioned it as an ice floe that was made by waves. It was an environmentalist who got hold of the picture, put it out two years after it was taken with a different caption that led people to believe these two bears were ‘stranded’ on a melting glacier and had nowhere to go and they were going to die. It was all BS.

CALLER: Yeah, yeah.

RUSH: But here’s the thing. You can say, ‘For all of you who believe this, can we look at Mr. Gore and ask if he is offering leadership? On his property, there’s a mine, mine shaft on his property in Nashville that is a huge polluting thing. Number two, he has not reduced his use of energy at all. He’s out using this carbon credit scam to not reduce use.’ This movie asks everybody to reduce their usage. Everybody is supposed to reduce their ‘carbon footprint.’ Everybody is supposed to make due with less. He is not. You can factually and honestly tell them and remind them it was all in the news, how big his electric bill is, how big is gas bill is in his little mansion there outside of Nashville, and he says, ‘Well, that’s okay, because I’m out buying carbon credits.’ In other words, he’s investing in that company he owns that’s supposedly planting trees or some such thing to make up for all of the carbon and CO2 that his mansion, his property puts up. He’s not doing, in his own life, what his movie advocates.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: It’s going to be tough. I just want to warn you going in because these people —

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: — they’re going to watch it as sponges. Everybody likes being scared. Everybody thinks that we’re in a doom and gloom period anyway. Just follow your instincts on this, and you’ll get through it just fine.

CALLER: Well, the gases in the ozone, I don’t know how to answer that. There is more but —

RUSH: What do you mean the gases in the ozone?

CALLER: You know, the ozone is — is — is — There’s more… What am I trying to say?

RUSH: You mean there’s less ozone as in the ozone hole?

CALLER: Right, right.

RUSH: It’s not. The ozone hole is a natural phenomenon, opens and closes.


RUSH: Ozone is made by the sun.

CALLER: Right. And it’s really the sun we should look to that’s causing all this warming.

RUSH: Right. Exactly. The sun is the primary factor. The sun is the source of all life. It’s the source of all energy.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We’d have to put the sun out to get rid of ozone, and that can’t happen. This is all —

CALLER: But they’re saying the gases we emit cause —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — the difficulty with the ozone.

RUSH: Well, just tell them that volcanoes put more pollutants in the air than all the automobile traffic since it was invented.

CALLER: Oh, that’s good. Okay.

RUSH: You’re not going to persuade them with this. The think to tell them is, ‘You people, is this your new religion? Are you gonna adopt this as your new religion?’ Just ask them to start thinking about the complexity of the planet, ask them if they really think that all of these steps they’re supposed to take, like new light bulbs and driving Priuses, if they really think that if they could be in a space shuttle orbiting the earth that that is going to make it a difference. We’re too vain. We don’t have the power to create or destroy this no matter what they think, and people just need to be common sensical about this. It’s going to be a challenge for you, because people will naturally gravitate to this kind of apocalyptic forecast. The religion aspects of it are that strong. I tell you what, if you really want to have a donnybrook, tell them this is nothing but pure liberalism. They’re trying to make everybody who watches the movie feel guilty and accept the blame for, quote, unquote, ‘destroying the planet.’ The reason for that is so to assuage that guilt and that sin, they’ll sit back and allow bigger government and more taxes and restrictions on freedom and lifestyles, which is liberalism! That is liberalism, and this is just the latest campaign of the liberals to get what they want, and it’s the latest campaign of the world to get all of their hands in our back pockets. We feed the world. We clothe the world. We clean the world. We’re being blamed! All of it’s BS. It’s a hundred percent BS. Thanks for the call, Barbara. I appreciate it.


RUSH: Here’s Diane in Westland, Oregon, you’re next. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Hey nice to be on. I am calling because the last Barbara called and said she’s choosing to go see this Inconvenient Truth. I have a seventh grader in public school who’s being shown that in his science class. So my question to you is, he wants to skip school that day. He doesn’t want to go. So I’m wondering: your advice? What I should say to him? Should I say something to the school?

RUSH: Here’s what I would do. There are parents in the UK who are demanding the schools not show it. The same thing is happening there. In the state of Washington, some parents rebelled because both sides are not being presented. Here in Florida, it’s even worse, Diane. There’s a school system here that demanded all of the kids see it, and they were told — the parents were told — they had to come watch it, too, or their kids would suffer grade consequences.


RUSH: Now, this is just pure politics. You have precedent out there in many other parts of the country. I’d go to the school and say, ‘I don’t want my kid watching this. This is not education. This is a political issue, and you are not presenting both sides of it, and until you present both sides of it I don’t want my kid seeing it.’

CALLER: All righty. It’s just hard to believe, and even my fourth grader came home with a global warming worksheet he had to do.

RUSH: Global warming…worksheet.

CALLER: Worksheet, yes.

RUSH: I know. This is an indoctrination that’s happening out there with this. Young people are impressionable. You tell them that the polar bears are dying and they start crying and having nightmares.

CALLER: Yeah, he came home with a picture of the bowler bear on the ice floe.

RUSH: Yeah, and that’s a total hoax picture, Diane.

CALLER: I learned that from you.

RUSH: Yes. In fact, I’ll tell you what. I’ll have Koko put that whole thing back up on the website today so you don’t have to search for it and find it.

CALLER: That would be great.

RUSH: In fact we’ll put a whole new global warming segment on the website this weekend so that you and the woman in Chicago can get educated. That’s the best thing to do: just research the encyclopedia that’s my website and you’ll be armed for battle no matter who you run up against.

CALLER: Well, that’s what you’re great for.

RUSH: I appreciate it. Well, and many other things, too, but I’ll accept that.

CALLER: And thank you for what you’re doing for the Cure-A-Thon. I appreciate that, too.

RUSH: Thank you. Thanks very much. I appreciate it, Diane.


RUSH: We just got a call. This is for Diane out in Oregon. Her kid has just told that he’s gotta go see An Inconvenient Truth. This is good. This is great, Diane. We got a phone call from a parent who said, ‘My kid had to go do this, and the kids themselves have found a way to thwart the effort of the school to indoctrinate them on this. A kid in his class took a universal remote in and kept changing the TV channel. They had a bunch of TVs set up for them to watch it in class, and they just kept changing the TV channel to MTV or something else or switching it off to a black screen when they didn’t want to watch it.’ I don’t know if the kid got caught or not, but it would be worth it. He did not get caught? They couldn’t find who had the universal remote? Oh, the kid got away with it! So that’s probably the best piece of advice. Have the kids take matters in their own hands and show that they’re not going to be indoctrinated this way. (interruption) Wait ’til the ‘educators’ get hold of me? I’m just giving the advice I gave myself when I was a kid. Classes I hated, I found ways to disrupt ’em. Well, I’m not going to waste time here telling you. Wait ’til you tell you what I did in my shop class. Oh, I’ve never admitted this. Ooh. (Laughing.) Oh-ho-ho! No, I was the king of pranks, but our pranks back then nothing compared to what goes on in schools today, obviously. (sigh) Oh, man, it was fun. The kids can take matters in their own hands here.

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