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RUSH: The Senate, as we speak, is voting on defeat in Iraq. They are voting on failure. The House already has done so. Let me suggest a slightly different take on all this. I’ve touched on this a couple of times before. But I want to assure you of something. I know you watch all this, and you wonder why in the world — we’ve talked about this, too — there no outrage from the American people about what the Democrats are doing? It’s what elections are for. Just be patient. It will happen. Because the Democrat Party is sowing the seeds of their eventual destruction. Maybe not this year, maybe not even in ’08, but, my friends, I’m telling you something. You cannot be a party advocating surrender in the middle of a war against terrorists and last very long. The statements and actions of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the others are sealing their fate.

It’s gotten to the point David Broder, who is now 80 (and he is considered to be the dean of Washington columnists and journalists) has called Harry Reid out. Can’t we do any better than Harry Reid? The Democrats need somebody better than Harry Reid. It’s not just Alberto Gonzales that’s incompetent, it’s Harry Reid — and it’s not me saying this. (I have said it.) It is David Broder saying this today. Now, don’t get me wrong. Just because I think it’s going to sow the seeds of their defeat eventually, I’m not happy about what they’re doing. I don’t like what they’re doing. I don’t like how they’re undermining our troops. I’m getting e-mails from the troops. I can’t read them to you, the names they’re calling Harry Reid — the people in Iraq — the names they are calling him. They’re fit to be tied. I know the Democrats know this. But what they’re rolling the dice on is that there are only two million or so military families in America, and if all of them hate the Democrats, that’s not enough. ‘We can counter the two million American military families that hate us with illegal immigrant votes, the black vote,’ or whatever other group of votes that they’re looking for.

They’re making a calculation here. ‘We can afford to anger military families and just disrespect them because we’re going to please so many others.’ That‘s the calculation that they’re making. I’m talking here primarily about the political reality of what they are doing. And I do think this. At some point the American people will lose whatever little respect they have remaining for the Drive-By Media. The Drive-By Media, they’ve made no bones about it now. They have tied themselves to the leftists in this country. They are playing that game — and when you play that game, you suffer the consequences. They have tried to maintain this pretense of objectivity all these years. To this day you call them ‘liberals,’ and they freak! They get mad. As a group or individually, even though they are, they think it’s somehow going to harm their reputation — and it will. You don’t have to call ’em liberal anymore. They are attached. It’s become a symbiotic relationship. It always been the case, but now that there is a competing media. The dividing lines in media now exist. They have thrown their lot in from the New York Times and Washington Post — in most cases the news magazines – the broadcast networks. They’ve thrown themselves in with the Democrat Party.

Their agendas are the same, and it’s not lost. I know you get frustrated about this, but it is not lost on the public that the New York Times and the Washington Post have revealed national security secrets during this war that have helped the enemy and harmed our security. It’s not lost on them. You might be saying, ‘What about ’06?’ Well, the Democrats didn’t run on any agenda in ’06. They’re pretending they did now. It wasn’t that liberalism won anything. The Republicans just didn’t get on the playing field. Don’t try to think I’m wrong about what I’m saying about the ’06 election results. But the Drive-By Media, they’re no longer reporting. They are actively involved in promoting the Democrats and undermining the troops and undermining any potential domestic enemy they see, not reporting. If they were reporting, if they’re actually going out there reporting — learning what happened and telling about it — then there would be entirely different perspectives being offered on any number of news stories.

You got Chuck Schumer and all the praise that Chuck Schumer receives as head of the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, all the praise that Chuck Schumer received for winning the Senate for the Democrats. In the end, when this is all said and done, Chuck Schumer will be one of the people primarily responsible for destroying and marginalizing the Democrat Party. You can’t do what he’s done to people and have it not come back to haunt you. Michael Steele and the credit report, trying to go public and ruin his reputation, was a violation of the law. Just a number of things. All these things will come around and catch up to these people at some point. They’re feeling their oats right now, and I know it’s frustrating to watch this, but these ‘victories,’ quote, unquote, that they are having are temporary, and they are fleeting. Look at what’s happening here. Right now the Senate is proudly voting for defeat in Iraq. The House proudly voted for defeat yesterday. You’ve got Nancy Pelosi who’s got all kinds of time to go flying around and meeting with Bashar Assad and whoever else, and she didn’t have time to meet with General Petraeus!

You think people don’t notice this? I’m telling you, they do.

The Democrat leadership is exposing itself like never before. They had this carefully crafted effort to conceal their radicalism during the campaign, the November elections. But they wouldn’t tell us anything. All they said was, ‘Bush sucks! Republicans are corrupt. Culture of corruption.’ They didn’t dare put their agenda out there. They didn’t dare expose their radicalism during the campaign. But that whole approach has now been abandoned and they are in full attack mode, and it’s plain as day for any and all to see. Their tactic of abusing their oversight powers by subpoenaing the secretary of state and other officials to go over there? They’re asking Condoleezza Rice, they’re subpoenaing her to come up and talk about Niger and yellow cake! This administration’s got, what, 18 months? She’s not going to respond to the subpoena — and, by the way, look at the trees that we are destroying. Subpoenas are paper. This is a supposed environmental crowd. As I said yesterday, we need Subpoena Defense Initiative. But that’s all they’ve got. They want to rehash all these old events; they want to embarrass the administration. It’s not going to get ’em anywhere, folks. It’s not going to get them respect. It may be boning up the support they get from the radical base, but that’s it.

There’s less than 20 months left in this administration. You can attack the administration all you want, but the Democrats have to run against the Republican candidates, not a lame duck administration. They’re not running against Karl Rove. They’re not running against George W. Bush or Alberto Gonzales or Condoleezza Rice. When they do, when they start running against Republicans, they will once again be exposed as in this case now with Rudy. We played four sound bites from Rudy Giuliani yesterday, and it has the Democrats up in arms, from Howard Dean to their willing accomplices in the Drive-By Media. They’re now accusing Rudy of politicizing 9/11. Rudy basically said that these guys don’t understand the full scope and breadth and depth of the threat of the terrorism.

‘Well, this is outrageous. He’s criminalizing us! He’s calling us terrorists. He’s acting as a terrorist,’ they’re out there saying.

I’m going to take a break. We’re going to play these four sound bites, because what Rudy Giuliani did yesterday, was hit them in the nose and put them on defense. They are caterwauling. They’re like a bunch of stuck pigs in the trough, folks. This is not the thing that’s been happening to them for the past couple years and should have been. They’ve been allowed to stay on offense as a minority party, they’ve gone on offense as a majority party, and nobody’s called them out. Rudy did, and they can’t handle it! They can destroy or try to destroy any career, any character, any person they want, and the Drive-Bys never say, ‘It’s getting personal now.’ But Rudy tells what he thinks is the truth about these people and the threat of terrorism that we will face if they win the next election, and man, oh, man! ‘Now it’s getting personal,’ they say, and, ‘Now Rudy’s gone over the edge!’ Well, we’ll play you these sound bites again and you tell me what you think, but the bottom line of all this is, Rudy Giuliani put ’em on defense yesterday, where they need to be.

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